Reusable coffee cup with build-in NFC card

It would be great if I could have a reusable coffee cup with build-in NFC Curve card. Please look at this solution launch by Barclays and Costa Coffee or Pingit reusable coffee cup (NFC card issued by Barclays)

Sorry i dont quite understand this

You can use google pay in your watch, phone
Soon apple pay
Or have the card in your phone case

Why would you need a cup with a card?

I mean something similar to this Costa Coffee cup with NFC chip This could be one of the Curve card as wearable gadget designed for eco and user friendly coffee to go

I’d go with a contactless reward/loyalty card in the coffee cup…

‘Thank you for bringing your reusable cup, let me tap it so you can claim your 10% off. Oh I can also see you only need 1 more coffee for your free one!’

But for payments? Don’t feel comfortable having the thing I leave on desks, potentially forget and leave somewhere as some form of payment device.

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Seems a bit of a gimmick and a bit of a waste of resources when there are far more useful things the team can be working on.

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You’ve raised this proposition elsewhere Ring/wearable So I’ll close this thread to keep things on track.

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