Revised changes to SCA

Hey everyone!

As you know, we recently updated our approach to SCA which caused payments to be rejected if any of the following conditions were met:

  • If you made five consecutive contactless transactions using your Curve card.
  • If the combined value of transactions reached the limit of 150EUR or 300GBP before making a chip and pin transaction.
  • If a single contactless transaction exceeds the value of 50 EUR or 100 GBP.

We’ve listened to the feedback from users here on the Community and the Curve team have decided to remove the five transaction limit.
We’ll now only request that you make Chip and Pin transactions to reset SCA after your contactless spending reaches 150EUR/ 300GBP during consecutive transactions or if you attempt to make a single transaction over 50 EUR/ 100 GBP. :tada:


What is fantastic to hear, is that we have been listened too and that is what makes me feel like we are not exhausting ourselves in trying to help make Curve a better product.

Hats off to you though, @Curve_Joel , since jumping into this position, I am beginning to see a change in speed of requests and higher support within this community forum when raising concerns.


+1 great to be listened to.

Great that Curve have our security at heart but there has to be a bit of a balance… Frustrating when out and about running errands etc and make series of small purchases (coffee/snack/bus ticket) and have to re validate after that.

And yea kudos to Joel!!


Excellent news and removes a lot of worry.


Why? Why not just ask for PIN, making it contactless+PIN? Here in Portugal it’s extremely confusing to use Curve contactless as every three contactless transactions it asks for PIN, making it contactless+PIN, in accordance with the national rules, Portuguese cards themselves being synced with this limit, so that’s it when using those, then Curve has this other separate limit which could be made less of an annoyance if it just asked for the PIN instead of declining the transactions and forcing chip+PIN for no apparent reason.

Why does Curce think there’s anything inherently safer with chip+pin as opposed to the contactless+PIN everyone else uses?

Edit: the problem is compounded by the fact that chip+PIN with curve results in endless DCC prompts where the terminal is bent on charging in GBP using some insane exchange rate


Never seen contactless+pin in Italy… :flushed:

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It also exists in the Netherlands.

For me in the Netherlands it seems to already kind of work like this for my Curve card.
Two weeks ago within a matter of minutes I made:

  • a transaction of €150, paid contactless, POS terminal asked for PIN but not to insert my Curve card;
  • a transaction of €100, paid contactless, POS terminal asked for PIN but not to insert my Curve card;
  • a transaction of €50, tried to pay contactless, POS terminal rejected. No reason given on the POS terminal, nor in the Curve app. Then I inserted my card into the terminal and used my PIN, transaction went through successfully.

I made these transactions before Curve dropped the five transaction limit, but can’t remember if the rejected transaction was the fifth contactless in a row.
But if it was and the transaction was rejected for this reason I agree with @megamaster that it shouldn’t have been rejected, because I used my PIN (though not the chip).


Me neither :thinking:


Thank you for this change, the 5 transaction limit was really frustrating. I mostly use ApplePay, but occasionally it’s more convenient to just use contactless, however it felt like I would reach the limit at the least convenient times. It sounds like this change should make it less frustrating.


Both of these issues seem to be due to having a U.K. card BIN, and therefore a card which follows standard U.K. rules. For historical reasons, we use “Offline PIN” in the U.K. (this means that the chip on the card itself, not the bank, verifies if the PIN is correct) rather than “Online PIN” (which many other European countries use; the bank stores the PIN in this case and verifies whether it is correct or not as part of the transaction authorisation).

Online PIN allows for contactless + PIN as an authentication method but Offline PIN doesn’t (it can’t do, since the bank has no ability to reply with whether or not the PIN is correct and if the Chip is not inserted it can’t be read, so the chip can’t verify it either unless inserted).

DCC will again be because your card BIN identifies as British so the terminal “thinks” you want to pay in pounds.

Curve do issue some cards with local BINs, but I don’t think local BIN cards have been rolled out across Europe yet. It may be that they aren’t yet available in Portugal, or if they are it may be that your card is fairly old and dates from before they were available. I am sure a Portuguese BIN card would be fully set up for Online PIN and would therefore work as expected with contactless terminals. The decline + Chip & PIN procedure is “expected behaviour” for a British card as that is how all cards currently work with SCA and offline PIN.

Edit: Apparently Curve now issue local card BINs everywhere, contact support if you need a new Portuguese card to replace your UK one.


That’s a very nice reply, thanks! I knew UK cards worked like that but didn’t know or consider it could be due to the online/offline situation. My card actually just expired and the replacement never arrived. I already have a ticket open about that for several weeks now…


I think this change is for the best… especially over the Christmas period where we all do make a lot of consecutive payments for things on the high Street.


i understand what you’ve written here, but i don’t really understand why curve has made this change. nonsense that i cannot make a single transaction bigger than 10600 huf (=29 eur!) without chip+pin, why has the card contactless function then? funny that according to hungarian regulations you can make contactless payments under 15000 huf even without pin code! curve’s killed contactless in hungary, this change is the weirdest i can imagine, doesn’t make any sense to me. ok, i mostly use the card with apple pay, but making the physical card so unusable is very strange to me

btw i have a hungarian bin card, we definitely have online pin here, but it doesn’t matter: i’ve tried to make a 13980 huf (so bigger than 10600) paypass purchase, i’ve immediately received the “nonono, you have to use chip+pin” notification

i’ve been using curve for years now, this is the most annoying change ever. i’m sure this is not what curve users wanted, in hungary this is a massive, massive downgrade!

Have you tried contactless since?

It may have been that one Chip & PIN transaction needs to be made before the card can be updated with the “new rules” (during the scripting process that happens during a Chip & PIN transaction).

Oh dear!

Hopefully you get that sorted and then it should be fine with your new card.

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this ikea transaction was from today. 1 hour before i had another one - with chip&pin…

Hmm, it could have been a random check perhaps?

Let us know if it happens again, but I’m sure Curve Support could look into your account to see if something’s misconfigured somehow and that might get it solved.


Amazing reply thank you for that very insightful information.

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unfortunately i don’t think that anything is misconfigured. unique transaction limit for huf transactions is 10.600, so anything above this you need to use chip+pin now instead of only pin. this really wasn’t a user-friendly step, i can still say this is a downgrade and was completely unnecessary

Those rules are simply too low. I go on a gas station and pay 130 EUR+ in one visit, so contactless is practicly useless for that now. I will have to use chip and PIN on every use. Also i hear, that some people that got Curve Pay working on their phones have the same problem when paying with their phone (not sure if this is true). Transaction declined because it’s over SCA rules. It’s just bad bad bad.

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I agree, when SCA kicks in, Curve should just switch to contactless + pin instead of chip + pin (at times it’s even worse and the transaction gets rejected completely and you don’t even know what went wrong).

Or just use Revolut method and make us reset SCA in app. Safe and convenient.

This is an unnecessary mess. Now every time I use my Curve it’s a guessing game; will I be asked for pin, for chip and pin, or will I be rejected completely?

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