Revolut _Curve

I am new on Curve and have added my first card (Revolut) to the app. I have been charged (twice) because of it. Is this part of the process that you charge every time someone adds a new card on your app?

I have also contacted Revolut and they said that Curve should have not charged me for adding my card on the app.

Can you please assist here?


It only to check if the card are working

And it will be refunded in a couple of days

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does this process also involve been charged twice and not just once? and does it do it on every single card I will be adding in the future or just for Revolut?

In order to verify a card with MasterCard / Visa you always need to charge a small amount to see if the card exists and its working.
Its usually an AUTH, not a charge, but many banks cant differentiate between those 2 and show it as a charge to the customer

@hup and @Lucas are right, these charges are sent to verify your card and are refunded straight away. From my understanding, being charged more than once is normal (one may just be an auth) and it needs to happen for every card you add to Curve.

thanks Lucas so I am expecting to:

  • get a refund from you guys on my Revolut card?
  • have these charges and then refunds on addtional cards I might be adding in the future?

thanks Hannah. I am not sure about “refunded straight away” as have just checked now and the charges are still appearing on my Revolut statement.

Yup that’s normal. :slight_smile: