Revolut - Difference in Transaction Details

When using Revolut with my Curve Card, sometimes the transaction shows up as CRV*NAMEOFMERCHANT, but sometimes only as «Curve». Why is that and why isn’t this consistent?


Never seen just Curve on the statement on the underlying card

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I’ve noticed it as well, though, it has started to happen with Revolut lately. I believe Curve processes the transaction the same way as always, yet Revolut has had a system put in place to parse all transaction details. It usually works well, showing a better merchant name and sometimes even a matched icon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work with curve. Revolut names all these transactions as just “Curve” and doesn’t let you see the original transaction details. It sometimes even gets wrongfully tagged as “Host The Curve – Student Accommodation London”. Revolut seriously needs to figure that out.


Isn’t this a conversation then that should be adressed in the Revolut forum and not here since its a bug with them? :slight_smile:

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Here’s how Revolut used to show Curve transactions vs. how they’re shown now.

I’ve also noticed Curve transactions being tagged as suspicious and rejected. You need to accept them in the app and try again.

That’s why I don’t use Curve with Revolut anymore, except for Go Back in Time. Too much stress and not really useful.

It definitely should! I don’t participate in the Revolut forum, though, and despite having a Rev card, am not an avid user of that service. You can raise that issue there if you want. On the other hand, I think Curve and Revolut teams could resolve this issue together if they talked to each other.

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I use Revolut but TBH never thought of adding it to Curve - don’t want to waste my valuable annual limits that way!

I don’t think I will even come close to the limits any time soon and I consider Curve a better card (way better support than Revolut themselves, more open team and innovative solutions), so I prefer to make purchases only with Curve, never Revolut itself. I guess it can be different for people with different spending patterns, though.

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Have a look

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Looks like Revolut has finally worked that out. My transaction from two days ago went through regularly. image

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Woohoo! Glad to hear you’re sorted Pawel!

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Nice to see that Revolut have sorted that out. Still waiting for my Curve card to use with Revolut :wink: