Revolut does it offer cashback on everything up to £12.99 a month etc

I have reconnected to my old revolut account it’s not giving in app chat and only allowing debit card or Apple Pay top up but with a limiting daily limit which I can’t even find out what it is

I get one lot of cashback through revolut using curve card

Can anyone help me why does revolut got no in app chat working and no other option to contact them that they reply to and where can I find limits as I can’t find out and as I can’t contact anyone I can’t know anything

This is not the place for your query unfortunately as this is a place for general news regarding banking and FinTech.

The best place to get support is from the Revolut application. It’s unfortunate that I can’t signpost you further especially as your having trouble accessing their support.


Revolut does have in-app chat. In-app home screen>profile picture>help>new chat

Just like Curve Revolut has a community. In the post below can be found how to contact Revolut support, when for some reason you can’t contact them through your app.

In-app home screen>profile picture>your plan>your limits