Revolut topup payment abroad


I have been using. urge to topup my Revolut since long ago. Today I tried to topup and it is showing me a 1.3354% charge for payments abroad (for example 133.54 commission on 10000 topup) in both EUR and USD although my curve address is registered in EU and my Revolut address is also registered in EU

Never happened before.

Is this due to Brexit?

I removed the card in Revolut and added it back again only to show me the same old message that the card is issued in GBP.

I guess you have your Curve card for quite a long time, that would mean that your Curve card does not have a country specific BIN, but a UK BIN. That is why Revolut recognises it as GBP.
Asking Curve support for a replacement card with a country specific BIN might solve your problem, if Revolut correctly recognises the new card, based on the BIN, as an EU card.


Especially for you :wink: I did a top up for €10 with my UK BIN Curve card on Revolut. I did not have to pay any fees. So I am not sure why you do have to pay these fees when topping up.

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It seems I have a Curve Business Card which I was not aware off. Got this response from customer support. I didn’t;t know there was a difference between Curve Personal and Curve Business. I’ll try to dig into this.

Ok, I guess that could very well be the reason for the fee (though the message “charge for payments abroad” does not fit very well). You should be able (by contacting support) to get a personal one to replace your business one.


I just read that info from here

Since I selected Self employed, thus they gave me the commercial one. I’ll see if a replacement is possible, since I mostly use it for personal use.

I had same issue - personal card resolved