Revolut topup with Curve with underlying Credit Card


I couldn’t find anything in the policy terms nor in the fair usage terms, but I would like to understand the following: am I allowed to use a Curve card with an underlying Credit Card to top up my Revolut card account? I am doing some spending directly with the Revolut card for some transactions not authorized by Curve, and found this as the easiest top-up method for me.

Couldn’t find anything specific in this forum either, but please point me into a relevant thread if anything is already existing.


Why not top-up revolut card directly from credit card without Curve? (or you are from UK and that does not work).

Indeed that’s my other option. But as I don’t always have that credit card with me - I usually only have my Curve, I was trying to understand if that would be a legit usage of my Curve card. Probably important to mention: I don’t get any point/reward for using the credit card, it’s just a matter of convenience in having all my card in one :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be an issue, however using underlying credit cards for financial services like a Revolut top up requires Curve Fronted to be enabled so you would pay 1.5% more if you are using Curve Blue.

Ok, thanks for your answer!

You can but your underlying card will charge as a cash transaction

My answer re what will happen is it depends. Revolut will send a cash or quasi cash MCC to Curve and Curve will pass it on. In my country some credit cards stick to the (quasi)cash MCC and regard the transaction as cash advance with instant interest, while other credit cards see just an internet purchase and allow the interest-free period.

Ok thanks for the detailed explanation!

I did this recently with HSBC in the uk and it got charged as cash, despite having fronted. That more or less wiped out the FX savings I made once you account for fees and interest :sob:

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I tried in the past and the UK credit card will see it as cash advance so it will charge you, normally around 3%