Reward process is not robust enough

Amazon is one of my reward partners. I make several purchases from them per week.

However, I find that only about 50% of the rewards track, the rest of the time I have to contact support to get the rewards manually added. The same thing happens with Apple.

This is a waste of Curve’s time and a waste of my time. The rewards process needs to be improved.


The reward process for my card has stopped completely, and I had to contact the support every time I made a purchase with the relevant retailers.

I’m on the old Curve Rewards plan.

I have raised the issue in several occasions, but it doesn’t look like this will ever get fixed.

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Did you downgrade from metal by any chance?

I’m also on the old Curve Rewards plan, and my rewards stopped around the time I downgraded to blue, even though the old Rewards aren’t tied to your tier. It may have just been coincidence though, as I didn’t use my card at rewards retailers often enough to know exactly when it stopped working.

Nope. No downgrade here.

I’ve been having issues with the retailers I’ve chosen for the last few weeks now. Tesco and Lidl choose to work when they want and I’ve now had to contact support three times to rectify the issue.

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Nope. I’m on the legacy black tiers

However, I wonder if it was caused by my recent activation of the red investor card. But again, the customer support doesn’t seem interested at all in resolving the issue, just asked me to raise tickets to have the rewards applied.

Glad it’s not just me! It is very hot and miss

I have same problem with Amazon and Asda. Also, when I go back in time and transfer to another card it takes away my curve cash points on the reward purchase

Here is the answer from the support :

The same issue with my chosen retailer (mainly Tesco). I have to closely check all the transactions I make and when no cashback, I have to contact support. Very annoying.

I also have the issue with Uber and a couple of others. Support’s reply each time is that sometimes the merchants use different names but I can’t believe Uber keeps changing its name on a weekly basis. So either Curve aren’t recording the different types of names for each retailer or something else is broken.

I have had the same problem I have not received some rewards from the 12th May.

Same issue here, Amazon is tracking fine but Waitrose/John Lewis and M&S is very hit and miss

This issue has just started for me. Cashback stopped working, I contacted Curve in the app and no one has responded in 3 days…
I notice they manage to consistently charge the monthly fee however!


I’m suffering exactly the same. Cash back is not applied to my Amazon purchases and no answer from Curve support in 3 days. If this is the service for a Metal customer I want a refund.

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Same here! Is anyone at Curve listening- Metal seems like a poor deal right now

Anyone managed to have this fixed?

Why Curve Team is completely out of service to add Curve Cash retailer (due diferent retailer name on payment terminal)?

I already asked it few times and I spend time from 3 weeks asking Curve Cash for Intermarche retailer…

I even sent receipt 3 times (4 differents Curve Team employees) and nobody is able to apply Curve Cash rewards.

I’m really disappointed due lack of reactivity and eficience to do it. I pay a Metal subscription but I already tought to get back to blue level.

If they can read previous mail and be careful to add Curve Cash immediately will save a lot of time and make happy customers.

Why I have to pay for a low cost service?:- :rage:

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Hey Rui! To apply the points you’ve earned from spending at one of your selected retailers, our system must match the name of the merchant to the name of the merchant listed on the transaction. When this doesn’t match, the points are not added. Our support team will be able to apply these points manually if you get in touch with a receipt. Sorry for any delay -t hey will be in touch as soon as possible to do this.