Hi all I am a long time curve owner (believe it was in beta when I signed up) but gave up on it for many years as it seemed a bit hit and miss in the early days with transactions being declined and I was also a heavy American Express user.

Anyway I am back on curve now and things seem so much better than back in those days so not sure why curve seem to get a lot of hate in these forums. They are putting out the best product they can.

To my question I signed up for curve metal but seem to be grandfathered into an old rewards program. The rewards program has no limits but the list of retailers are not as good as new users get (some of the retailers don’t even exist anymore). Why are the lists different? Also will I always be grandfathered in or when a new scheme is launched will I get that (I hear that may be on the cards)

Personally if I was curve I would forget about Amex and stick with visa/MasterCard support but make it attractive to people like me who pay a subscription each month and directly support curve

Welcome to the forum, @HonestSausage. There’s been much conversation here on the rewards / benefits as applied to the various card options. Might I suggest you take a look at some of the topics which air the issues?

Here’s some of the key threads, but feel free to ask specifics if you need to. :+1:

If you email the support team, they should be able to put you onto the new Cashback scheme.

Bear in mind it’s an “introductory” thing for 90 days… but hopefully they will be releasing the new rewards scheme soon(!)… which I believe will be more permanent.


Welcome to the community @HonestSausage!

Adding the latest update that mentions Rewards/Cashback: Curve Product Update May 2019