REWARDS - Germany

Hi guys, :wave:

:rotating_light: We are excited to announce that today, our Rewards programme has launched in Germany.

German customers can use cashback rewards to spend on services like booking a holiday, ordering food, or finding a summer activity deal at home.

You can redeem as many offers as you want, and redeem those offers multiple times.

The Curve Rewards programme will expand across further European countries within the next few months.

For a full list of participating retailers, please check the rewards tab in app.


Thatโ€™s great :+1:

Yet again sadly with deliveroo which are not available in Germany anymore.

Is there a specific reason that Austrian users are excluded from this?

The only reason is that this has not been implemented for Austria yet. Just like there are no Curve rewards yet in Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and many other countries.

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This monthโ€™s Rewards look pretty sad. I can only see 3 offers. Is that all ?

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