Rewards - Marks and Spencer UK

Heads up… Use your Curve metal card at M&S and wait for your 2.5% cashback reward. You’ll have a long wait, it does not track and you’ll need to email support each and every time to get your cashback. They know it does not track and say they’re working on it. Can’t be the most difficult thing to correct surely.


Hey, what happened to the M&S 2.5% cashback? It was there a month ago, and I’ve just noticed it’s disappeared. (Never mind what happened to the booking dot com cashback which also disappeared)

Now instant cashback is a bunch of weird retailers nobody has ever heard of… M&S was the only useful one there…

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Hah! Just noticed that as well. I had to contact support any number of times to get my 2.5% rewards to track with M&S. They told me their technical team were working on resolving it. Looks like they resolved it by removing M&S from rewards. Not impressed.

Disappointed they have removed M&S Cashback. The only decent retailer on there.

Right, Houston, we have a problem

I know Curve removed M&S from its top up cash rewards, but it’s still one of my Metal 1% cashback retailers. Historically this 1% has been credited instantly. I’ve made multiple transactions over the last week, and nothing is showing from M&S

Anyone else have M&S as a chosen retailer and/or had any problems this week, or is just me?

FYI in case this affects anyone else… Looks like (a) there is a delay in processing M&S 1% cashback, and (b) M&S is never going to return to the “always active” list of cashback retailers :cry:

I’m not sure it would have affected many people, but I bet M&S got narked that you got better cashback by loading your M&S credit card onto Curve than by simply using your M&S credit card…