Rewards now take days to appear

I regularly purchase from Amazon and my rewards have always been instant.

My last couple of purchases have taken 2 days for the rewards to appear.

I approached Curve and they confirmed this is now the case after a system “upgrade”.

How can instant rewards now be taking 2 days be called progress?

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You actually put any value on the rewards!? They became unreliable so long ago that I’ve given up on them. Too many other much better options available to me!

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I’d love to see what are the other options. May I ask you to elaborate, please ?

Yep. I’ve earned £300 so far. Better than nothing.

This is because the transaction hasn’t cleared officially.

I have an example the other day where if you click onto that Amazon purchase you cannot change to back in time or move / it’ll say because it’s pending. It will come through but once Amazon charge / this is Amazon not curve though

Anything debited immediately still shows instant cash cash

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Strange. I’ve shopped with curve on Amazon for years but the delay has only just started.

Same here, I’ve had 100% instant cashback from Amazon until maybe 2-3 weeks ago without fail.

Some cashbacks now are instant, but others can be delayed. Mostly this is only a few hours in my case, although sometimes it means I get a notification in the middle of the night, which can be annoying if I’ve forgotten to set my phone to do not disturb!

Lastly, transaction alert emails are being delayed soooo much that an automate system that I’ve been using for the last few weeks stopped working.

I used to filter and parse these alerts using so transactions would be automatically inserted into YNAB. Now, I had to go back to manual mode :frowning:

Does anybody know why this is happening? :confused:

Hey @dimg welcome to the Community, glad to have you here! :blush:

I haven’t heard of this happening before. Do you mean that when you make a transaction, the notification isn’t appearing on your phone / device immediately?

Hey @Hannah thanks for the quick reply.
The notification does appear in my phone once the transaction is made. Only the alerts via email are not coming immediately as it’s used to be. Instead, they are coming all together after many hours (like 4 or 5am). Therefore, this is not doing the job as it was supposed to be doing :frowning:

I second that. I noticed that I get an e-mail notification about transactions cleared instant (e.g. grocery shopping at POS terminal). For transactions that are marked as pending (e.g. online payment), I get e-mail notifications only after they are cleared by Curve (sometimes the next day).

You are right. I noticed that today. Before, it wasn’t like that: alerts would be sent on each and every transaction. I wish there would be a feature asking if we want to receive alerts on cleared transactions only or for every kind. It would be useful, I believe :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’ve think you’ve already cracked it! Sometimes receipts and Curve Cash aren’t immediate if the transaction isn’t ‘cleared’ or ‘captured’ by the merchant. It’s usually instant, but the merchant has up to 14 days to capture - usually it’s only a day or 2 after!


My rewards go on to my balance but not on the curve cash timeline at all and the app takes too long to update to show on the timeline and there’s always a problem when refunds go on to curve cash there is incorrect exchange rate and when I normally pay in euro it goes in to British pounds on curve cash at wrong rates and I have to get this corrected every time I don’t know why curve cash is only British Pounds and not multi currency

Before it was easy.

Pay, reward. Pay, reward. Pay, no reward. Chase. Reward!

Now it’s going to be pay, pay reward, pay, reward, reward etc etc. Eg, it’s going to be easy to get lost with what’s been rewarded and what hasn’t if you use your Curve card a lot.

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How do you know you have been awarded curve cash when it’s not auto showing on timeline like it did long before the app was updated to the point time line take longer to update properly

I remember the day it didn’t show in timeline then I prob wasn’t awarded and you need to ask for manual update but now I can’t tell what happens

One good thing is you now have instant chat feature for a lot of issues

Yep if there’s going to be this sort of delay then I think the entry on the timeline view fo the original payment needs to show the status of the Curve Cash reward too. If there’s a change around pending items I think they should show provisionally in Curve Cash as pending too so the user knows it has tracked and is awaited.

And of course because it’s no longer instant there will be times that the reward does not track and you simply forget to chase it up.

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But sometimes my curve cash balance goes up but timeline doesn’t show the transaction cause it’s not updated the entries on the timeline

Also noticed it’s several days before you can use go back in time feature. Pending transactions seem to take longer to clear.