Rewards tab not working

My rewards tab is not working from few days . Reinstalled app multiple time on my pixel (even on different android phone ) . Still no signs of showing rewards ( attached snapshot )

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Same issue here.

App version: 3.50.1 (35001014)
Android 13

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Same issue, noticed it a few days ago.

I’ve been told by Support that the issue has been fixed on version 3.74.1. of the App.
I cannot see that version on the Play Store and they don’t suggest ways to get it!

That sounds like the latest version for iOS rather than Android.

Same - also on a Pixel, Android 13, v3.50.1.

:thinking: :point_right: update Curve app.
Bug Fixing, Improvements, and Stable Performance.
Update might be to fix bugs, but new features and bug fixes can be released together.

Updates that keep the app more stable. :white_check_mark:

Checked for updates before posting: nothing available.
Checked just now: 3.51.1 available. Rewards tab fixed.

Rewards are back for me on Android but now cannot activate them. Says there’s an error and should try again.

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Updated to 3.51.1, this solved the issue with the rewards tab for me

Not for me. I was asked to clear caches, delete app data, and reinstall the app three times today by their Help Centre.

The issue still persists, as you can see from my screenshot. Even if we can access the tab we still can’t activate any rewards!

Same … I can’t activate any offer . It has been a week or long … reward tab issue . When will it be resolved

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Yeah, the tab works now - as it shows things - but you can’t activate anything!

Shame, I missed £1.50 from my pub lunch yesterday :wink:

The rewards have been rock solid and working for me. Annoyed they’ve gone and messed it all up.

I think Lloyds use the same ‘service’ for their ‘every day’ rewards as we get identical rewards through that - it still works, just another reason not to use Curve unfortunately.

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Same, can’t activate any rewards.

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Same issue here, same steps suggested by support then they went quiet when it didn’t work. Some kinda outage I guess?

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Hi Davy,

We want to give you a heads up regarding a change which may impact how you use Curve.

Last year, we launched Curve Rewards in Europe to make spending with Curve more rewarding. But the experience has not lived up to the standards you expect and deserve from us. So we’ve decided to wind down the Curve Rewards programme in the EEA by March 9th 2023.

We will keep working on new and improved rewards programmes which we hope will have a bigger impact and better user experience.

From March 9th, many of you will notice that the Curve Rewards tab will no longer be available. Customers who have rewards pending will still receive their tracked cashback and will also still have access to the Curve Rewards tab. Once this is no longer applicable, access to the Curve Rewards tab will be restricted.

If you are on Curve Black or Curve Metal, you’ll still be able to enjoy our 1% Cashback at selected retailers*.

Our goal is to launch an unbeatable rewards program in the future, and we’ll keep you updated on any upcoming plans.

:scream: :wind_face:
:ballot_box_with_check: :white_check_mark:

Received this e-mail too.

Oof, that’s an absolutely enormous downgrade!