Rewards will need changing

Hey all! Want options and ideas…

So Iv hade Metal for about half a year and haven’t used a single benefit.

Iv not used any cash back because I don’t know who I should use it with. As once you choose you cannot change, kinda shocking really… surprised it’s not six monthly or annually at least you can change. I do think it’s a tactic for Curve to maximise their revenue.

The insurance is a great feature. I only really have it for the phone insurance.

I’m having trouble justifying paying the amount I am with not amazing benefits.

Especially when you look at like when there throwing out benefits like 2%+ cashback on ALL purchases, Spotify, Netflix, lounge access and lots more. I know there is a way higher flat fee of at least £110ish but considering Curve Metal is £90 for 6 months… Errrrr

And let’s not start on AMEX… better cashback travel insurance ect.

I do think Curve really needs to step up in there ideas and rewards or there’s gonna be allot of others jump ship.

What’s all you’re opinions all?

Curve, is it still worth it?

Bellow Crypto evidence

The answer to is it still worth it is dependent on how you use your card plus if you’re utilising the full benefits of the card.

Since it sounds like you are not using the full benefits, you’re just paying just for a metal card which I would call a little silly…

The benefits that I can use I will and I don’t think any are ‘bad’ just the annual cost doesn’t compare.

-Being able to use Visa and MCs on one card is helpful. I hope Amex jumps on the bandwagon one day.

-Cash back I don’t use as I haven’t settled on what company’s to use it because i cannot change my mind later down the line. Plus I already get cash back on all purchases with Amex.

-No Overseas fees is standard but again there shouldn’t be any fees anyway, especially for a paid for service for example Starling Bank have current accounts with also no overseas fees.

-A metal card- yea it looks nice definitely well designed and minimalistic.

-Phone and Travel insurance is a great benefit I agree

-Airport Lounge access… more of a airport lounge discount. A bit meh I do use lounges but not these ones that lounge key offers always packed as lots of companies offer it to staff. You get about £10 off per visit I think it is.

Over all for £180pa it’s a questionable amount of benefits…

Have I missed any other major benefits out?

You’ve already said you don’t use any benefits in your first post which makes it a poor offering, as you might as well have Curve Blue at least your not paying for something you don’t use. That’s just my opinion as if you want to pay for the luxury of having a metal card who am I to stop you?

Curve blue offers the same for free.

Is something still a benefit if you don’t use it? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

Have you been abroad to take advantage of this?

Wonderful but I wouldn’t pay £14.99 per month just for a metal card especially if I don’t use any of it’s key benefits else but in saying that I’m not their target audience.

That I can’t argue with as that’s extremely useful.

If you do a load of traveling them maybe it might just be worth it? (Probably not even then as you’ve said above you’ve still got to pay per visit.)

Looks up at the benefits again and remembers that you use none of them £180.00 per year? Obviously if you have the money to burn it’s fine but I’d probably advise you to find a product that suits you better. :+1:

You missed out Curve Fronted but that’s an extremely niche feature anyway.

So in answer to your question is Curve Metal worth it? No not to me and probably never will be but if you think differently then that’s fine as no two people think exactly the same which is brilliant.