Rfid and multi card holders

might just be me not having my morning coffee…

but has anyone paid say for their shopping with their card still in a multi card holder with other cards in it?

everytime I pay, I always pull the said card out

but the cards are in a 4 card holder wallet, if I were to just slap the wallet against the machine, with the card I want to pay with nearest the machine, would it just take payment from that card, fail? take payment from all the cards?

I am presuming it would fail, but asking just incase :wink:

been thinking about it, most people carry several cards, so if it were to fail, why the fuss with rfid wallets holding 4+ cards

If it is a proper RFID wallet, the payment would fail, because the payment terminal does not detect a NFC-chip. The idea of such a wallet is that, while your cards are in it, the NFC-chips can not be read. RFID wallets are there to protect you against skimming.

If it is not a proper wallet (‘leaking’), I guess two things might happen:

  1. Failure. The payment terminal detects more than one NFC-chip and because of that refuses the payment.
  2. Success. The payment terminal accepts one NFC-chip, probably the one of the card closest to the terminal. This will happen only when the terminal detects just one NFC-chip.

What never will happen is that the payment is taking from more than one card.


It will fail. When the reader detects more than one card, it does not try to charge all of them, just fail with an error asking to present just one card.



I got a load of those rfid single card holders for cheap, nothing fancy, just tried it, works, just a little tight, so will be handing them out to family

Main worry tbh was the none rfid card holder that holds 4 cards

Why rfid card holder/wallets then? If the payment would fail if it detects more than one card?

To protect you against skimming. If a skimmer holds a card reader close to your wallet, the skimmer will be able to read the NFC-chips of your cards if it is a non-RFID wallet. That the reader detects more than one NFC-chip at a time, doesn’t need to be a problem to read them.


Because payment cards are not the only cards that people carry.

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