RIP (CDC), long live PLUTUS

Yes, one should not put all their savings into a Plutus account, but that applies to all fintechs with only an emoney license and not a full banking license where funds are protected up to 100k€

My recommondation:
since its a prepaid card you won’t be able to spend anything unless you load the card, but transfers from i.e. Revolut are instant, meaning you can put all your money on Revolut, and transfer the funds just before you make purchases on the Plutus card (or when doing GBiT via Curve)

Small users pay 4.99€ / month and get 60€ in CB (2000€ spending * 3% cashback = 60€)
heavy users pay 14.99€ / month and get up to 675€ in CB - the cost for selling the PLU + fx fluctuations etc + 30€ in perks (3*10€)

For me the 3% are really attractive, usually you get 0.5-2% onnormal cards, W1tty has a promo to offer 3% but its only for this month and capped at 120€ CB

Will stick with CDC for the earn, supercharger and stull. I have the Ruby Steel for spotify 100% reimbursement. and will go with plutus for my daily payment through my curve card.

Anyone able to add the Plutus Card to Curve? It asks me over and over again for the CVC, I receive the 3ds prompt in Plutus but the Curve app doesn’t show me the 3ds field, only asks over and over again for the CVC

Anyone able to add the Plutus Card to Curve?

That’s weird. I added my Plutus card just a couple of hours ago and had no issues whatsoever. Got the 3DS field within the Curve app and a notification from Plutus which provided me with the 3DS code.

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What kind of transactions qualify for cash back?

I have been able to add my Plutus card and I am on Android, though I have already added it as underlying card to Curve months ago.

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Exclusions can be found here -

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Welcome to the community abradshaw93. :wave:

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Be aware of these fees as you say bye to Really insane.

What fees do you mean exactly? That “Close Account £50” is only for transferring your money out from the card to your bank account. You can simply spend or withdraw all your money from an ATM before closing your account and not pay any fees.



SEPA top-ups arrive in around an hour or less to CDC account… :money_with_wings: So not a major problem… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


19 weeks for Plutus Card

Virtual End 2022 until 2023 :frowning:

I’ve been helping Plutus as an early access member since 2018, while I’ve since become bearish on crypto and its value I’m still very happy to report that they are completely legit.

It’s a small operation but the team are hard workers with industry credentials.

Feel free to join their Discord if you wanna have a chat with them :slight_smile: Also let me know if you have any questions.

For the record: I currently have very small stakes in Plutus (< £50) and no stake in CDC.


I agree, while there are some problems and it’s small company they are very agile. Unfortunately some problems cannot be corrected now due to way it works between UK bank and lithuanian bank but they have a good customer service.

When they got the CDC exode they closed the chat reinforced the support team and sent a mail saying there the estimated delay of answer and why. Now it’s back to normal. It’s quite early so there are bugs and some others things but you easily get support so to me it’s not a problem (chat is answering under 10 min).

And important thing is that it’s non custodial, you can keep Plutus crypto (PLU) on a metamask wallet.

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CDC is now even ‘more death’, with a revision of the merchant rebate benefit period.


Stopped using CDC for spending a while ago but still use the free lounge every now and again which is neat. :sweat_smile:

totaly agree @poeliev , it’s like a bad dream. Every week they cut, they had a little back because of the community argues. But they do sponsor F1 and football stadium…

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We all know CDC benefits were unsustainable in long-term… :clock3: It’s just a matter of time when Plutus will do the same cuts. :hourglass_flowing_sand: Othwerwise, they will bankrupt. :construction: For me, it’s better they do cuts :scissors: rather then close business completely :no_entry: and lose all of user’s money :money_with_wings:

I doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with the changes :deaf_man: - I’d rather keep the benefits :money_mouth_face:, but I understand it’s not financially possible. :moneybag:

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People should stop compare Plutus and CDC for that. One is spending in marketing, has exchange and other thing. Other is only a crypto card and charge a mensual subscription.

Token does not cost to the company. Tokenomic is not the same, goals of companies are not the same. I do not say it will last for ever, just saying because CDC reduced it means plutus reduced it does not make sence. CDC is clear in their whitepaper their goal is to bring more people in crypto and be the first global provider, card is only one of their way to achieve this goal. While Plutus goal is currently to be a better alternative of Amex.