Risky to use curve to pay hmrc!

I will never use Curve again - too risky. Used it to pay my HMRC on 18 June, for tax due on Sunday 30 June. This afternoon (Friday 28th June) I get message that the amount paid has been refunded and the original payment has been cancelled!!! On the afternoon of the last work day before my tax payment is due!

I contact my credit card company and they say the payment went out and there is no refund pending. I go on to HMRC online and they say the payment has been made. But on Curve, it says it has now been refunded! No phone line to call. I message Curve and ask what is going on. Their answer is basically “yes, there has been a refund processed”. WORST SERVICE EVER!!! So basically, I am stuck not knowing if a payment has gone through or not. Never using Curve again - this is a case of a middleman stuffing things up.

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Taxman says you’ve paid, they’ll contact you again if it gets reversed for whatever reason, they’re not stupid and can understand if something has went on in the background and you explain it properly.

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Unfortunately, Taxman is stupid too …they take about 3 working days to update their systems. So if the payment has been reversed today, then I will only know about it next week, after the deadline.

Can’t you explain that to them and file a complaint if they screw you for it?

To be fair though I recall not being allowed to use credit cards to pay for your HMRC bill

Don’t blame Curve for something that HMRC has done. If Curve refunds you and a merchant says you’ve paid, then happy days! I assume you received a confirmation e-mail from HMRC that you have paid? If HMRC chooses to refund it, that’s their problem, not yours, with respect any interest or late payment penalties etc. What type of tax were you paying?


HMRC very happy taking my money via curve though keep within daily limits or it bounces - tried £5200 and bounced though still shows in transaction list though not totalled.

Obviously get a credit card with rewards such as Virgin - now have many many miles!

Are you paying self assessment tax instalment? Because that’s due by 31st July.

Wish my credit limit were that big :joy::joy:

I was thinking along similar lines - HMRC took at least 8 weeks to inform me that I missed entering a start date via snail mail. All this time there was no validation on the online form or a confirmation receipt of submission. Then it took another 8 weeks to get the UTR reference number. 16 weeks total over something that could be generated on a system in milliseconds. Yet they have all the expectations to file all tax returns on time.

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