Round up spending

Is there any way to round up all purchases to the next £ with the excess over the purchase price going into some sort of pot. Many miles schemes only pay per whole pound so for all the £x.99 purchases you’re losing a significant chunk.

You can already vote for that here:

Can’t see anything in that post that mentioned rounding payments up to the nearest pound? If that’s what it’s meant to be about, they should say so in the OP and I’ll happily delete this post :slight_smile:

From that topic (and it is what is meant in the opening post too):

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Yes but that’s by someone else and is also not part of the Idea so completely irrelevant when voting. I’m not going to use a vote on gibberish and nonsense.


Hi - Will there be a facility for Round Up pots in the future, connected to all spending?

This is barely a grammatical sentence. It’s definitely not possible to parse any meaning from it.

It is part of the idea. The opening post is the same idea as yours. Please keep in mind that not for all members in this community English is their first language.

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The opening idea is, as far as I can make out, nothing at all. [edit following poelievs’ edit about English]

Unless you can explain to me what a “facility for Round Up pots” means? And how this would be either “connected” or “disconnected” to all spending.

I’ve searched the whole forum and there’s nowhere that I can find explaining what on earth they mean by “Round Up pots” nor any prior use of such a term. For all we know it could mean anything at all especially given the literacy of the poster (who has not made any other posts that could help clarify their thoughts).

Exactly no part of the idea is about rounding purchases upwards to whole pounds.

The elaboration on and explanation of the idea mentioned in the opening posts is done in the other posts. That is one great example of how this community does it job. Especially this post clarifies what is meant by the idea in the opening post:



Please keep in mind that not for all members in this community English is their first language.

You don’t vote for discussion you vote for the content of the idea itself. I thought that was clear?

Firstly, whilst it may not be written in the best way…as @poeliev has mentioned several times, English is not the first language for all members and to refer a post as ‘animalistic grunting’ is disgusting behaviour. Quite clearly tells everyone on this forum the type person you are!

Secondly, if you cannot parse meaning from that sentence then I suggest the issues lies with yourself. I (and clearly others) had no problem interpreting that post to mean that he/she would like to have a facility whereby spending is rounded up and moved into separate pots.

Funny thing is…I prefer that idea so much more than yours.

Not to me it’s not…I would vote for a concept with the end product being the result of discussions within the thread and what is actually possible for Curve to implement.

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This idea is neatly posed in Round Up's as mentioned by others. Given this thread has got off to an unfortunate start, I’ll close it and encourage the important conversation to develop over there.