Safe disposal of a metal card?

Does any one have any ideas how to dispose of a metal card? They dont bend well and certainly wont go through the card shredder, so looking for ideas?
As we are all locked in, the more creative the better

How about this?


Hey Community :wave:

We’d love to hear of any creative ways you come up with to destroy your old metal cards!

However, if you’re having issues, you can always send them back to us for disposal. Our address is as follows:

Curve OS Limited
LABS House
15-19 Bloomsbury Way

Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

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Place on the concrete floor outside, proceed to smashing it with a lump hammer or large rock until broken into pieces.

Well in the mad times of lock down if nothing else it will get rid of the tension, thanks Daniel


I would throw it in the recycling bin that says “metal”.

Once it’s expired, it’s not an issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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