Sainsburys Nectar Credit Card


I have just found out about the Curve card and it seems like a great idea! I have spent the last day or so doing research and it does look like it would be a really good option for my needs. I have one question though that i can’t seem to find an answer from anywhere online or here.

I have a Sainsburys Credit Card that gives me 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent at Sainsburys and Argos. Is anyone able to confirm if this still works through the curve card or if i would just get the base 1 point per £5 that you get on normal transactions elsewhere?

Would be good to know if anyone has any experience of this or other points cards?



I don’t have any experience with the Sainsbury’s card, however in general I would expect to not receive these increased rates when using an intermediary such as Curve or Paypal.

Hi ediflyer,

I thought that might be the case. When i saw that CRVXXX comes up as the prefix for payments using the destination card, that they would not see that as a direct transaction. Good to know though and thanks for your answer.

I think i will still be getting the Curve to use for foreign transactions (when we can eventually go abroad!)

Thanks again.



Hey @Grindlebeard, welcome to the Community! :blush:

If you get rewards for all spend, then you’ll still receive your points. However, if your credit card only gives rewards at certain retailers or types of retailers, then you wouldn’t receive the rewards because they will recognise Curve as the merchant for every transaction made with your Curve card, not the original retailer.

It’s always best to contact your credit card company to double check!

Thanks for your confirmation Hannah :smile:

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