Samsung pay app: "Update failed"

I have a new phone. A Samsung galaxy a42 5g.i already have a curve card. It won’t let put it my phone.

Help me.

I doubt if the message in your screenshot has anything to do with your Curve card. To me it looks like for some reason, not related to Curve, the Samsung Pay app on your phone can not be updated.

But if my above assumption is wrong, in which country do you live?

I live the UK. I have reinstalled the app about 7 times.

If you live in the UK you should be able to add your Curve card to Samsung Pay.
But as I said, for me, the message that’s in your screenshot doesn’t have anything to do with you being unable to add the Curve card to Samsung Pay. To me it looks like a general message that is telling that the Samsung Pay app is unable to update (itself).

I have been on the phone all day to Samsung they said it mite be the card. I have to leave till tomorrow then factory restore my phone.

If it’s indeed your Curve card that is causing this problem, there is nothing we can do for you here, since this is a user community. If you want to have checked if something is wrong with your Curve card, that is preventing it from being added to Samsung Pay, you can contact Curve support (

OK then. Thank you for your help.

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Right I got it working now. So your supposed to get a text of curve I’m not getting one help?

If you don’t receive an SMS when trying to add your Curve card to Samsung Pay check out this post:

If this isn’t working for you, please contact Curve support (

No authorisation text from curve I have done what they said removed my card. Then restated my phone and add them again. But no authorisation text.