Samsung Pay Card maps to what Curve card tier (& fees/limits)


New here, apologies if the question has been answered elsewhere.

I applied for a Samsung Pay card with optional physical card to try the product. I visited the curve site only after signing up to the card, so wasn’t aware of Curve, or the card tiers prior to that.

I found the limits and fees for blue card on the curve site here -

*** Curve Blue (free) - Spend up to £500 per month fee free. There’s a 2% fee for any more spend.** Withdraw up to £200 per month from foreign ATMs. There’s 2% fee or a £2 charge (whichever is higher) for any further withdrawals.

Which curve card tier does samsung pay card fall under (so blue, bleack, metal etc).

If it does not fall within those tiers, are there similar limits on the Samsung Pay card, and if so, are there any links to what they are?

I’m concerned if it is similar to £500/month and the 2% over fees as the limit is quite low to make it the default card (and the fees is quite high over that amount) unless I’ve misunderstood what they mean


Hi and welcome to the community :raising_hand_man:t2:

I don’t have the Samsung pay card. But if you are not paying a monthly subscription, I suppose you are on the blue tier.
Not sure, if this is also the case for the Samsung Pay Card, but I can see which subscription I am on, by clicking on ‘Manage your Subscription’ on the Account Tab.

The limits you are mentioning are the FX limits. On the Blue Tier you pay 0% fees if you stay below the £500 monthly spent in currency that’s different than the currency of your underlying card.

Your ‘normal’ daily, monthly and annual limits can be found by clicking on ‘Card Limits’ on the Account Tab.

Hi Paul,

Thank you, that was very helpful.

There is no manage subscription option in the account tab. My tab looks similar to yours but with the Card limits as the final row. The card limits seem to be same as blue tier.

Good to know the £500 limits are for Fx transactions.

Mind you that your ‘normal’ daily, monthly and annual limits are not dependent on your subscription tier, where your FX limits are.

Ah… I guess that means we’ll need Curve to confirm what the limits are.

Maybe just me but struggling to find out enough details about the Samsung Pay card on Curve site whereas Samsung T&Cs make it very explicit that it is a Curve offering and Curve is responsible for all T&Cs.

Your personal Curve spending limits can be found on the Account Tab under ‘Card Limits’. Based on your spending Curve may raise those limits after some time and/or when you’re getting close to reaching those limits you can ask Curve to raise them.

Sorry, I meant the Fx limits which seemed to be tied to the type of card/subscription.

If the Samsung Card is not directly mapped to Blue tier and does not seem to be tied to a subscription, can’t assume the limits would be same as Blue tier.


The following Conditions apply to a Samsung Pay Curve Customer:

[1] Existing Curve customers cannot apply for a Samsung Pay Card

[2] Valid on Mastercard and Visa branded debit and credit cards only.

[3] Combination of Samsung Pay and the new Samsung Pay Card offers users greater coverage, compatible with nearly all banks and payment solutions available in the UK. Full list of Samsung Pay compatible cards can be found on

[4] All Samsung smartphone and smartwatch devices that support Samsung Pay will also support Samsung Pay Card. Full list of compatible devices can be found on

[5] Move £1,000 up to 14 days after transaction. Limits may vary depending on individual Curve accounts.

[6] Choose 1% cashback from 3 merchants selected from a wide range of brands. Introductory offer for 90 days.

[7] 5% cashback on all purchases made using Samsung Pay Card on until 31.12.20. Offer can be used with any other offer.

[8] Curve provides cheap FX rates. Weekend exchange rate (0.5% for GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for other currencies)
SPC FX limit is £500 for a rolling 30 day period, over which spend in a foreign currency will cost 2% of transaction value

[9] Samsung Pay platform shows recently 10 transactions using Samsung Pay Card, full transactions from date of use can be viewed in supporting Curve app

[10] Real-time notifications dependent on user’s mobile network and Wi-Fi network at the time of transaction

[11] Full list of Samsung Pay issuing partners can be found on

Thank you. That was very helpful :+1:t2:

Also, got the physical card delivered yesterday, exactly like the black card in the screenshot above.

Looks quite neat and minimalistic. Would’ve preferred without the massive Samsung Pay lettering and a logo similar to curve on top right instead.

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Hi Idiomz, I’m wondering if there are any benefits of the Samsumg pay card over the original free blue Curve card. Sounds like your limits are much the same. Does it do anything that the Curve card doesn’t?
What if you want to upgrade to be able to use it with HMRC etc?
Just interested as I have a Curve card
Oh, nearly forgot, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Samsung card offers the additional bonus for their own website, but that’s about it?

That additional bonus would have come in really handy for me in the very near future. Don’t understand rationale behind not allowing that benefit to existing Curve card users and why we can’t apply for the Samsung card?

Hi colinje, only benefit is the reward when buying from Samsung website, but the downside is it also locks you in to the Samsung Pay eco system.

With the regular Curve account, you can add your Curve card to Apple pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay and use with any phone, with the Samsung card it will not allow you to add it to anything other than Samsung Pay and therefore Samsung phones.

Thanks JBW. Appreciate the info. That’s a major disadvantage then. Who wants to be stuck with one phone manufacturer?