Samsung Pay Card, Powered by Curve

Samsung Pay Card, Powered by Curve

After months of communicating using codewords, secret handshakes and smoke signals, we are overjoyed to announce that Samsung Pay Card, powered by Curve is now available to UK Samsung Pay customers.

With the Samsung Pay Card, powered by Curve, Samsung Pay customers will have one digital card to simplify their spending. Not only this but access to Curve’s pioneering features, international payment acceptance such as Go Back in Time and access to rewards & cashback on their terms chosen by them.

Through Curve’s unique over-the-top-banking platform Samsung Pay customers can now make all their Visa & Mastercard credit & debit cards completely contactless. This is more than just a flashy way to pay, this is the future of banking at their fingertips.

It’s spending. Just simpler.

For more details, check out the website at


What happens if I already have a curve account and apply for Samsung Pay. Will I get 2 accounts in the same app?

This seems like a pretty huge step for Curve. Very exciting.

I’m curious, is there any difference for the user between getting a Curve card and adding it to Samsung Pay vs getting a “Samsung Pay Card”? Other than the fact that the Samsung Pay card is digital-only?

It seems that this is just a Curve card without a physical card, that locks you into needing a Samsung phone forever. I think this is a great partnership for Curve, but as a user it seems to hold little value?

According to the FAQ on the Samsung Pay site, you can’t get a Samsung Pay card if you already have a Curve card.


And once again UK only … very very disappointed…


See footnote 2 on the linked page:

  1. If you are an existing Curve user, you cannot also apply for a Samsung Pay Card.

AFAICS, Samsung Pay Card is simply a Samsung branded Curve card so if you have Curve already you can simply add it to Samsung Pay and get the exact same functionality.


You don’t get the 5% cashback on Samsung however with regular curve card in Samsung pay


Good point. That appears to be the only benefit over plain vanilla Curve.

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From what I can tell, the Samsung Pay Card is virtual-only, so there’s no actual physical card. I’d be interested to know if users will be able to order a physical “Samsung Pay Card”?


Well done curve. Hopefully will get better brand awareness and more users.

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As usual, very disappointed, being available only in UK region. Another down step and more distance between UK and EU users.

The physical card can be ordered at the cost of £4.99. They’re a part of the new generation that’s numberless, like the ones our investors have :smiley:


Cool. And if someone signs up for this card, then later gets a non-Samsung phone, will the card still behave like any other Curve card? ie. not tied to Samsung Pay?

Sounds like this is mostly a marketing arrangement (great for Curve) rather than anything different for users?

Those are really great news :smiley:

All your physical cards should be numberless. It would bring peace of mind to your users and less fraud complaints.

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This is a very interesting move! Especially when American users can also add the Apple Card as their underlying payment card on Curve! :eyes:

All being well, the Brits get the Apple Card soon! :crossed_fingers:
(And according to current ‘leaks’ we’re meant to hear an update on this soon👀)

Will be interesting to see what they come out with although can’t see it being as insanely generous as the US version given how low interchange fees are here!

If I try an order I get the message that a card is not supported

That’s a recurring theme for Curve unfortunately, UK first then maybe the rest of Europe, if we’re lucky we’ll just have to wait one year.