Samsung Pay Card with Curve

Seems like a pretty big announcement that Samsung are working with Curve on a card.

Depending on the extent of which Samsung market this, it could be pretty huge for Curve.


Anybody seen this?

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Think Samsung want a way to out fox Apple that have Apple Pay with limiting 12 cards and limiting view of transactions and google pay which is for android phones if they choose to go with it think Apple missed the opportunity to have a curve style card on their device and actually Apple are America first then the rest of world get it idea

I think it’s good for Samsung to partner with curve in this way it will give Samsung something great when many banks and card providers don’t use Samsung pay for digital payments as they think Apple Pay and google pay is all that’s required it will give Samsung an edge on their rivals and help customers bypass fees for travel etc

One report says there is possibility of a physical card being issued for Samsung Pay by curve but no comment from curve on that yet and I actually think it would be good if a card was issued to those who want one so they can use it where Samsung Pay is not supported

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I think it’s more likely that with Google Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is kind of an irrelevance meaning no banks really need or want to work with them.

This is their way of trying to work around that, I think. Great for Curve though!

I am a bit nonplussed that it’s basically the investor card with Samsung written on it though…!


Wondering why this partnership didn’t get more traction here. For me it’s such an unobvious, yet profoundly good idea! Let’s face it - Samsung Pay had no standing on its own, with many banks and fintechs so reluctant to join their programme. Now they’ve basically hijacked the entire system, making virtually all Visa and Mastercard cards available through Curve and American Express through their own arrangement, which makes them the most supported X-Pay from the get-go. I think that for Samsung it would be best if they integrated it neatly into their UX, making Curve effectively act as an intermediary. I’m a bit worried the whole premise will come off worse if people have to figure it all out themselves, the role that Curve plays in the process etc. For Curve the benefits however are a bit different, I mean getting free exposure and growth for their own app instead of acting merely as a payment processor.

Is it going to be an actual physical card, though? I haven’t found any announcement of Samsung+Curve cards being sent out to anyone.

It’s still on very early stages, but from what I understand it’s supposed to be a competitor for Apple Card and the Google Card that’s also coming, so I assume that’s the plan.

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I think it’s not got much traction because right now Samsung Pay is pretty much irrelevant. Teaming up with Curve is probably their only way of getting any relevance but it remains to be seen if it’ll work for Samsung.

It’ll be great for Curve…but I’m not convinced for Samsung. Samsung desperately want to be Apple but they just don’t seem to get how it’s done…

The only way Samsung pay will work is if Samsung drop google pay on all new phones and only allow Samsung pay

Samsung don’t use their own technology without someone else providing the software that’s the difference between Apple and the rest of the smartphones on the market no wonder blackberry failed windows phone failed due to iOS from Apple and Android from google being the only players in town big enough if Samsung the company with more phones on sale than any other had their own operating system then they could be apples rival Apple make so much from so few phones it’s simple logic do everything yourself and don’t use third party operating systems

Samsung do have their own operating system… it’s just that nobody wants it!

But they really don’t use Android voluntarily, as demonstrated by the sheer amount of unnecessary customisation they do to it! You’ll be hard pressed to find a ‘vanilla’ implementation of anything Android on a Samsung smartphone - they really don’t want it to be Android.

Much like Samsung pay, the problem they have is that they are way too late too market and so no third parties are willing to support them. As Windows Phone proved (being far superior as a system technically but struggling to gain any real level of developer support despite huge financial incentives from Microsoft), developers only have time for two operating systems so Samsung will never get enough support to make their own endeavour worthwhile.

But we’re now way off topic so let’s focus on Samsung Pay :wink: