Samsung pay Curve card sign up issue

Hi, I am using a Samsung s10 phone and have been trying to sign up for the Samsung pay curve card, I have completed all sections of the process and received tick boxs in all fields, when click next is applied I get a page stating we are unable to verify your identity ?? Please contact support

I have now sent 2 emails for support and no reply, why is the sign up process failing in the Samsung pay app ?? Is there a bug where a fingerprint option is requested for validation and not appearing or is it something else ?? Am I alone in this issue or is it documented elsewhere ?

Tbh I expected it to be easier

Prior to above screenshot

Hi Fido, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

It seems that because this is account related you will have to wait on Curve customer service to get back to you.

Thanks for ever so much for using Curve.


With no reply from customer service for days and a Curve maintained addition to Samsung pay that fails to work, confidence in this product is very low

All finance cards no matter what description have 24/7 customer support

Even IF customer support ever get the issue resolved i don’t think Curve has instilled enough confidence for me to trust them with my finance handling

Hi Fido, I know this is not an solution in any way shape or form but if you have a mobile you could add your Curve card to Google/Apple Pay in the meantime.

As for customer services, there has been many reports on this community of them being slow to respond. I haven’t experienced that myself as I’ve had no need to contact them. I would guess they are snowed under with the amount of support requests. I’m sure they will get back to you in due course.

All the best,


You miss understood, I do not have a Curve card, I simply wanted a Samsung pay curve digital card, the Samsung sign up process does not indicate at any point how much more information is required … after, all questions are answered within the phone sign up process

Once all information is answered and tick boxs applied to questions the user receives a message window stating contact customer support ?? This is not due to an error in the sign up process or some account anomoly, it is simply part of the process ?? I gave up waiting for a reply and contacted formal complaints only to be told I now had to send photo ID, statements with name and address

All of that should have been mentioned in the sign up process at the start or to have been part of the process, support are too slow to respond and require some items to be sent via email and some via secure link

All this extra information required and the slow response times or lack of any response has made me rethink the capabilities of Curve, if they are unable to sign people up within the original phone process and struggle to reply in a timely fashion then I do not find them capable of managing my finance in any manner

The Samsung phone curve card was just a fun backup gimmick to me and not a lifesaver, for now the promise of one card acting as as a pass through for non supported cards remains a way off

This is how the sign up process proceeds, sounds easy at the start but in reality it is only the beginning of a painfully slow process that requires photo ID not used in the UK or passport ? Water electric gas bill copies which are in my wife’s name, tv licence not accepted ?? Selfie ?? Yes a selfie is required , I was astonished at this as it is not required for any credit card in the UK and totaly unnecessary.

As can be seen below this process is very misleading and does not indicate the full extent of required information

For others re searching the same issues, give up after getting the error pop up, unless you are desperate

My guess is Samsung thought this might be a good alternative to getting un supported cards onto there platform, in reality it does not work