Samsung Pay+ deactivation

Hey, support a little slow in replying in app so trying on here.

I setup Samsung Pay+ from Curve earlier this year when I needed to use Samsung Pay to connect to my bank account. I’ve since moved over to fully using Google Pay and I’m having problems connecting my Samsung Pay + Curve card to google pay for in-store purchases, it adds fine for online GPay purchases but not supported for contactless… I’m not sure if this is on purpose because they’re competitors?

I can’t see anywhere in the app to do this but how would I deactivate my Samsung Pay card and account and convert over to a standard Curve account and card. Has anyone done this without getting support to fully delete the account or something?



You will need the help of Curve support for doing that. Your Samsung Pay+ account needs to be closed and then a (‘normal’) Curve account needs to be opened. It’s not allowed to have both of them active at the same time.

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Okay thanks, at least it’s possible then!

There’s not much documentation on the Samsung Pay+ side of things, I’d happily keep it as-is if I could setup properly in Google Pay but I just can’t seem to do it (other cards work fine) so I’m guessing it’s not allowed.

That would be my guess as well. Curve support should be able to tell you this as well. Or maybe in the meantime a Samsung Pay+ user comes along and tell us he has been able to add his Samsung Pay+ card to GooglePay for in-store purchases :wink:.

That’s my hope! I messaged Curve in app yesterday morning RE this but no reply yet, not urgent enough to call them. Hoping someone comes along and tells me theirs works and I’ll bang my head over it a little more but I think my suspicions are true!

For anyone else who comes across this… The above suspicions were correct, Samsung Pay+ via Curve is exclusively Samsung and won’t work with Google Pay. Curve were able to close my Samsung account and re-open a new standard Curve account which added perfectly! Surprised to see a lot more options in Curve too without the Samsung restrictions.

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