Samsung pay garmin smartwatch problem

I really need Curve to look at this. Curve have an agreement with samsung pay but also have an an agreement with Garmin pay so they can use contactless payment with their smartwatch.
But samsung pay wont work with garmin.
I need you to cancel my account and issue me with just a curve card that I can use, add google pay. So I can use both phone and watch. I have contacted Curve about this but as yet have not received a reply.
I would be grateful for a response and to know if this will work

This is a user community, we are users just like you, so we don’t have access to your account. As you have already contacted Curve support you just have to wait until they get back to you.
If you want to be sure they received your message in good order, you might consider checking this with them on Twitter (@AskCurve).

Thanks you have been very helpful.