Samsung pay in smartwatch


I recently bought a new samsung smartwatch that works with samsung pay. I could add my other banks accounts with not issue, however, I never get the message code back to activate my curve card.

As aditional information, I’m a spanish user and I’ve been using my curve card on samsung pay (Phone app) flawlessly since october, when it got released in spain.

Please, I’ve sent already 2 mails to curve support and had no answer.

I’m wondering of someone else had the same problem, and how to fix it.

Thank you in advance.

Hey! Sorry to hear that! You should be able to add your card to your Samsung Watch; it could be that there is a mismatch between systems in your phone number or address. If you’e reached out to our team they’ll be able to take a closer look and help you add it!

Sorry for their delayed response, the support team aim to reply within 48 hours but are receiving a higher volume of messages than usual and are unable to get back to you as fast as normal! Rest assured they’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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Hi Kandice,

Thank you for your fast response :slight_smile:

I think it should not be any problem with the adress/phone number because when I added my curve card to the phone app it worked and I received it.

Currently, I am hoping that support is able to give me that code from other ways than SMS.

Hoping for the best


Hi @Kandice

More than 48h passed since I’ve contacted with support and unfortunately I did not recieve an answer.

Do you know any way to speed up the process?


Hi, Just received a replacement card and tried to add to my watch to use Samsung Pay. However, I get a message ‘Application Pending’. Does anyone know if I am getting this message because my phones operating system is no longer compatible with the latest card(s) (Galaxy S7)?. I’ve previously had no issues with using Curve on my watch until I received my latest card.
Perhaps a good excuse for a new phone!