Samsung Pay MST

Curve only supports Samsung Pay transactions through Near Field Communication (NFC). Payments made using Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) will be declined.
Samsung Pay transactions through MST should be allowed(supported).
Is very useful with old terminals(no contactless support) or some terminals which currently not accept Curve card contactless and the only solution making the transaction is by inserting the physical Curve card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN.
Why Samsung Pay transactions through MST isn’t supported yet?
Samsung Pay is not safe enough ?

Waiting with you to get some info

I just added my Curve card to my Samsung Pay app, ans was expecting to use the MST ship instead of NFC.

Can people confirm if it’s a specific case or it’s with everyone ?

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I don’t know about your particular case but it could be due to the fact that MST is not enabled in all Samsung phones.
For example, those sold in Europe have MST disabled even if the phone contains the antennas to create the magnetic field and beam information to the POS but it’s something deactivated at a firmware level. Curve has little to do here and it should be Samsung responding.

With the rapid adoption of EMV POS and even contactless in those markets where the magstripe is used, MST will likely become a useless technology soon :slight_smile:

You are wrong. I’ll explain. Mst is enabled to all Samsung phones(GoogleTest mst samsung). Samsung pay app use mst depends on active csc not firmware. At Europe’s csc, such Spain, Switzerland and others Samsung pay use mst.
The idea that mst will become a useless technology is at least 5 years ago.Still old pos terminals exist in market. And if that terminal a day will not exist, there be still a lot of terminals which not accept Curve card contactless and the only solution making the transaction is by inserting the physical Curve card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN, or use magstripe.
The Mst is the alternative that must have if don’t want to carry with you physical money or physical card.

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It’s because of the PSD2 (the EU’s Payments Services Directive).

SAMSUNG PAY after last update is killing MST payments:

That’s old. Is from 12 September 2019. One day comments between 3 people. Samsung support Mst at countries and banks which supported. My S10 Plus Mst is working fine. Not with Curve of course.

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In Europe MST is not used.

I haven’t tested any app but that’s the answer I got from Samsung support when I actually enquiried about MST support on my European Samsung phone prior to a trip to the USA (where magstripe POS still abound). They said MST support it’s disabled in the firmware and only active in devices sold in some specific markets like the USA

In fact, I couldn’t pay with Samsung Pay in those POS and had to use the physical card so I thought their answer was correct.

It would help if you could reference the actual country you live in, want to use the device in, and that the device is designed for.

In the EU, mag stripe is not a supported payment method anymore. It only exists to enable travel to the few countries that haven’t turned it off yet.

Retailers may be able to take mag stripe payments, but if they do it’s entirely at their own risk and they have no protection from fraud.

Of course you couldn’t pay with Samsung pay mst.
To make a successful payment with Samsung pay Mst must have an active csc(not firmware) that supports mst and the card issuer- Bank (e.g Curve) must support samsung pay mst.
My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus sold at Greece, active csc Eur which not support samsung pay at all. I change it to UK active csc Xeu which supports Samsung Pay Nfc only, not Mst. Then I want Mst and i change it to Switzerland active csc Aut which supports Samsung pay with Mst. Then I want and native call recording and I change it to Thailand active csc Thl which supports Samsung pay Mst and native call recording. Some European countries active csc support Mst. It’s easy to change csc without factory reset at all, without losing your data.
The problem is the card which use with Samsung pay. Must card issuer support Samsung Pay Mst.
In my case Curve not support Mst yet.

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I live at Greece and UK but some months at Usa . I want to use the device at Greece,Uk ,USA. And the device is designed for Greece.
And I want to have the option to use the Mst with Samsung Pay.
Thank you.

I live in Greece too and I have the galaxy A5 2017 with MST. But I can not use it. Even I can not install the Samsung pay. How I can change the csc?

Read that forum. Use Samkey. Before you proceed be sure that your device is compatible and be sure that all password,pin, fingerprint are disabled and remove Sim from your device. Insert the Sim and Proceed set up, password, pin, fingerprint again after change to desired csc. Choose a csc that you think better. Better choose one from multi csc oxm firmware which not require factory reset. I suppose that you have oxm firmware.
Sorry for the off- topic.

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