Samsung Pay Plus - There is a problem at the moment, please try again later

Good evening, I’ve been attempting to use Samsung pay plus (powered by curve) for quite some time now however I’ve been backwards and forwards with the support team for months on end with no end in sight. Originally my issue was them asking for proof of ID on 4 separate occasions even after providing said ID. This issue was eventually resolved “apparently” (I cannot check due to the next issue) I’ve been trying to complete the setup however shortly after agreeing to the terms this error appears “There is a problem at the moment, please try again later” (Triangle with exclamation mark) so far the support team have passed me backwards and forwards telling me to reset my app, reinstall curve and Samsung pay. I have done this 5 or 6 times and even recorded it and sent curve the recording still to no avail. If anyone has a workaround i am all ears.

(Image attached of error)

Phone: Samsung note 10 plus 5G
OS: Android 11 - latest build
Issue: Samsung pay + Curve account

I signed up just to reply to this as I had a ton of problems myself. It would get stuck on the setup stages and unable to continue nor go back and start again. This was like sms failing to send. Card unable to verify etc. Eventually a few emails and one of the customer service guys reset it for me and just this moment I thought I had did it and the Samsung Pay+ card appeared!

Now everytime I open the curve app it says to complete sign up process in samsung pay…it seems the whole curve / samsung integration is bugged as hell I can only assume its probably easier on a different brand…Your best bet is to email and ask for restarting the signup process.

Good luck