Samsung Pay+ to Standard Curve to Use SwatchPay

Good Morning,

I’m looking for a bit of Advice. I’ve just bought a SwatchPay Watch to use with my Curve in the UK. But it didn’t say on the Swatch Website that it did not work with the SamsungPay+ Curve Card.

Is there a way to convert my account to a full Curve Account? Or a Process for closing down my Samsung Pay+ Account, and setting up a new full blown Curve Account with all the Features.

Thanks for the Help.

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Hi and welcome to the community.

Curve support can be contacted through your Curve app, by email ( or by web form.


Thanks for the Reply. I’ve an outstanding Chat with Support on my App, maybe they will be able to help with account Closure.

In the meantime I best update a number of places with a standard card whilst I sort out getting all setup with a new Curve card.

At least I can check my Curve app to see what I need to update :smiley:

If i get no response via the App, I’ll try the support email address.

Thanks Again

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How long should it take to get a response to my cancellation request in the App Chat?


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