Samsung Pay+ Watch4

I’m trying to link Samsung Pay to my Samsung Watch4. I now have Curve as it seem my bank do not support Samsung Pay.

When trying to import the Samsung Pay Curve card to the Watch4 through my S22 I am asked for a CCV code, but the Curve card has no code. Any idea how I import this card to my Watch4?

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If the CCV isn’t physically present on the card itself (which I believe is indeed the case voor the Samsung pay+ card) you should be able to find it in the app (account>card details).

Same kind of issue seem to be mentioned before here

and here

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Excellent, thanks Paul. That’s sorted it…I hadn’t actually activated and verified the card either, haha.

I appreciate the links and your help. Setting up a new S22 and Watch4 with new SIM/eSIM meant I was a bit lazy looking on this forum.


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