Samsung Pay+ with pre-existing curve account?

Hey! I’m looking at purchasing a new samsung device and the 5% bonus for using pay + (with curve) is pretty appetising, however, I’m unable to using samsung’s pay+ because I already have a curve card - is there a solution to this that would allow me to use pay+?

Would be unfortunate if I was scorned for having a curve card earlier!
Also, are there any key differences between the pay+ card and a normal curve card? Can you still use different tiers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, if you’ve been a Curve card customer for a while, we won’t be able to switch you over to Samsung Pay+ sadly. If you’ve just signed up and realised you’ve chosen the wrong product, you can contact our support team and they can take this into consideration!

In terms of differences, SP+ cards function in the same way as Curve cards, however, there’s no option to upgrade to different tiers!