Samsung Pay

Hi !

I checked the roadmap and it says the curve team is working on Apple and Google pay support.

However, yesterday I’ve recived an email from curve saying what they acomplished this year and what’s comming and it says Last but not least - Integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

This sky rocketed my hype with my curve card since samsung pay is my main paying source (because I love to use my smartwatch to pay).

Is the samsung pay integration 100% confirmed? will it take longer than google/apple pay?


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We are currently working on Samsung pay, which has now been added to the Product Roadmap :smiley:

There’s not a release date for Apple, Google, and Samsung pay yet, so it’s hard to say which will be finished first.


Thank you Marie,

I appreciate your answer :smiley:

What is the advantage of using Samsung Pay over Google Pay?

I find it faster than Google Pay.
It has a reward system per purchase (nothing awesome but I get some cinema tickets for free)
I can use my smartwatch with it

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Also on North American devices it supports MST (magstripe emulation), so it can be used on almost any terminal (it works on chip terminals as well as the magstripe data sent out tells the terminal the card doesn’t have a chip). Even most of my UK cards work on my Canadian note 8 using the MST (even though it’s not officially supported).

MST seems a bit antiquated in an age of EMV? It’s a clever workaround for legacy stores though.

Has there been any update on the development of Curve running on the Samsung Pay platform? It’d be great to use my watch with my curve card because it’d make my life so so much easier

Keep me posted!

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So it’s the 4th quarter, any news yet?


almost a year on and no further then we were with any of them!
No Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay (lets not mention Fitbit and Garmin). How about Curve Pay? Make Curve a digital wallet just like Barclays have done (they dont allow Google Pay you have to download and use there own as far as i know?)

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Does this screenshot mean that you can use Curve with Samsung Pay? If so, can you also use it with an underlying card that is not (yet) supported by Samsung Pay?

Not working for me …

It works fine. Using the Amazon Credit Card ( Not supported by any mobile payment app)

Edit: Just a few notes.

I’m using a German Galaxy S10+. So officially there’s no support for SP at all in Germany.
The app even shows me Samsung Cash as an option, and I see American promotions, so it’s defo using the American version of the App.


It’s not working on spanish samsung pay (the app is officially out in Spain).

That’s weird, since it’s from a supported country.

I just been to Edeka, and the reader didn’t work. I think is a bit too old.
My Curve notified me as Declined. Not sure why.
Will try tomorrow at Lidl and some others shops, and hopefully again Edeka. Maybe it was that reader only.

Samsung has different firmware (called CSC version) by country but all countries have every languages.
So you should have the CSC of USA, it explains why you have Samsung Pay US and using it German.

Normally it is possible to change the CSC (have a look on XDA) but it will loose the benefits of Samsung rewards of the country (as France for me) and disable specific extensions such as VoLTE, wifi calling…

I have a Samsung watch setup with a CSC in USA, I’ll try to add my Curve card when I’ll get back home.

Do you have a commercial card or debit card? What is you BIN (first 6 digits of the curve card)?

It’s a German phone with German firmware. Got it from Saturn.
Main language when I set it up was German and so the rest the papers.
And also… This

I’m not an expert but I’ve tried to download the app through VPN and I’ve managed to download the American app, however, it did not connect to Samsung server to let me put my cards.

It seems since I am in a “officially released country” I am forced to use the local app.