Santander Basic Current Account. "Top Up Debit Card'"

I’ve got a Basic Current Account with Santander which uses this combination of a cash card (ATM) and a ‘Top Up Debit Card’ linked to said account which you have to transfer spending money as and when.

It’s a PITA and absolute rubbish but for the time being until they are able to upgrade my account, there we are.

It’s a non contactless MasterCard debit and comes with the following restrictions:

  • No recurrent transactions
  • No automated/pay at pump
  • No automated/vending machine and no car hire.

If I was to attach it to my Curve would it enable to make these transactions with the card or will it end up declining?

If so, it seems like time to try a better bank.

If it allows online transactions, there is a probability it may work.