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Hi everyone,

I’m in UK and bank with Santander, I get a lot of cashback retail offers from 5% up to 50%.

The selected retailers I have on Curve, also have on Santander but with a much higher cashback reward.

So I’m wondering if I pay with my Curve card, will I get both percentages, the 1% from Curve plus whatever % I get from Santander or will I just get the 1% from Curve and to get from Santander, I’ll have to use my card directly?

That will obviously dictate, weather I use Curve on certain retailers or not.

Thank you.

I think you should use your Santander card directly, not your Curve card, to get the cashback offered by Santander.

Personally, when I use my Curve card underlying my Revolut Metal card, I get the 1% cashback offered by Curve and the 0.1% cashback offered by Revolut.

But when I use my Curve card underlying my Société Générale card (:fr::bank:), I don’t get the cashback offered by the latter !

If that’s the case then its probably what I’ll end up doing, because I get a much higher cashback percentage from Santander than Curve.

Thanks bud :wink:

It’s worth trying it out with Curve first - ultimately it depends on the bank, so personally I’d try it out and see if you can trigger both cashbacks before going to the Santander card directly.

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You’re absolutely right.
I’ll try it out and see how it goes.
Thanks bud.

Really depends on the bank. Some offer cashback based on MCC (merchant category code), so when they say they give you 1% on travel related, they most likely do it by MCC.
Curve usually passes on the MCC so you’ll earn the casback with the underlying card.

Some banks only offer cashbacks based on the merchant (store) name, and deviation from the name will not generate cashback. And Curve puts CRV * in front of the transaction, so its possible that these banks then won’t honor any cashback.

Appreciate the explanation, Lucas.
Thank you.

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