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I just made my first purchases using my Curve Blue. So far so good. Loving the app and the push notifications, etc …

However … my credit card company told me that these transactions were logged as online shopping (even though I made the purchase in person). For now they were logged as purchases, which is OK when you are trying to accrue airmiles. Cash transactions, on the other hand, cannot be used for airmiles. This is exactly what happened to services like Roger: Mastercard decided to consider all Roger operations cash transactions. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Curve.

Any thoughts?

Hej @rob.ettinger and welcome to our community.
I am using Curve from December, and so far I have being collecting Eurobonus points normally as scheduled when using my SAS Mastercard Premium Diamond, also for the flights I have purchased in the last months (a lot of them…)
Is it Mastercard who told this info about your transactions or was it SAS?

I actually phoned them the SAS Mastercard ppl. I used Roger in the past and was quite upset when MC changed that without telling us customer. I am a Premium Diamond member too and use my card to virtually everything…

They mentioned that initially Roger’s transactions were also purchases but after everyone started using Roger to pay bills using their cards (including to pay other credit cards statements), Mastercard decided to draw a line. Since then, Rogers transactions are considered cash transacs no matter what which doesnt give you points.

Oh I see, thank you for the info! I will call them too and ask, but I can see I have been indeed receiving the points I should, I think…
If I get some useful information I´ll tell you :wink:

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I also earn points though the SAS Mastercard (and Points earner card). Would be great to confirm that it works!

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Dear @SpaceCosmos and @rob.ettinger, I have taken an screenshot o another tread in the forum, where another user is asking about collecting miles with Lufthansa and Diners Club.
Look at the picture to read the answer. I think it lights a little bit also the question regarding eurobonus and curve. Ha´ en god weekend! :slight_smile: