Screen damage covered by Black insurance?


The app says screen damage and loss is covered in curve black insurance but the insurance t and cs state black cover is only for loss of theft not damage?

Can you confirm?

Hello Luke,

You would need to read the full policy wording for the answer to your question, unfortunately due to regulations regarding to selling insurance, Curve can’t comment.

I’d advise you to call AXA (The Underwriter) to gain clarity to this.

The terms specifically say that under black, only loss and theft is covered for phones, so not screen damage. My understanding is that screen damage for other gadgets (eg tablets) would be covered.

I agree that it’s quite misleading how it’s presented in the app. There’s a picture of a phone, and it says that screen damage is covered, with no disclaimer about exclusions…

Edit: even on this page there’s nothing about the difference:

To find out that screen damage for your phone isn’t covered under black, you have to scroll to page 22 of a PDF. @curve_marie I understand you probably can’t comment on this, but I think it’s worth flagging that it should be rectified. At present it’s very misleading.