SDD: Sepa Direct Debit to reduce Curve fees

Curve should implement SDD to connect curve card to our IBAN.
In this way Curve will not pay money transfer fees between visa and mastercard card and can increase the cashback possibilities for customers.

Already use by and other app, today dead: GLASE.

Im ready to be in beta testing!

Moved to ideas category so people can vote on this

SDDs are not free.
The bank that executes the SDD also wants to make money.

The fee is normally between 0.4% and 3% and depends on the business type and the annual transaction volume.

If Curve would offer SDDs as a payment method, Curve must grant each customer a credit because the money does not arrive directly at curve. Bringing back an SDD is also too easy and poses a high risk compared to the chargeback of a card payment.

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