Section 75

So first of all big shout out to the Curve team for getting the migration to Mastercard in one weekend.

I wonder now as a principle mastercard member, will we get full section 75 protection?

No, section 75 of the consumer credit act only applies to making purchases on credit, and has nothing to do with the card scheme.

If you have both a debit card and a credit card with the same bank (which would probably be a principal member of mastercard/visa), purchases on the credit card will have Section 75 protection, but purchases on the debit card will not.


Absolutely not as Curve has not issued you with a debit card. Just once again for the avoidance of doubt Curve only issue debit cards (at this moment in time) so you only have the standard chargeback facilities that you would have with your normal current account.

Only credit cards get S75 protection and only if they are used directly with the merchant (aka not using curve to pass through to an underlying credit card)

Doesn’t Curve offer some protection as part of the offer?


Curve offers a similar protection called Curve Customer Protection - see the blog post here!

Curve protection is better in every way apart from the fact that you have to claim in 120 days of purchase and not 6 years in the UK (5 years in Scotland)

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I’d agree it’s better in most ways, but it is in the end something that Curve voluntarily offer in their terms, not something legally required, so if there’s a dispute you have far less guarantee of getting your money back with Curve.


Granted it’s not a legal protection, but it’s also something they didn’t have to provide for customers.

Its better than debit but worse than S75 IMO. I have seen mixed results with people trying claim using curve, some get on well others dont and dont get replies.

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