Secured communication paths to the support team

I got an email by the Curve Team that my card was blocked.
The team requested serveral financial information. I don’t mind sending them but I don’t like doing so over email which is totally insecure. Is there any other to respond other then by email ?


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As this is a user community this isn’t the most logical place to ask this question, I would advise asking this (if it’s possible to send information to them other than by email) directly to the Curve support team.
What I can say is that it is possible to send attachments through the Curve app (if you consider this to be more secure).

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Hello Poeliev,

I did already but got only a short response about that I should rather use the email. No reaction since on the chat

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Hey @koko, it’s likely that you’ve been asked to respond by email because this email reaches the inbox of a more specialist team currently handling your issue. Would you be willing to respond by email to express your concerns about sharing sensitive information this way? They can then discuss the options available with you there.