See selected card when offline

When I’m in a supermarket or a remote area, I don’t have great internet. Sometimes no internet at all.
It would be great if I could see which card is selected when offline or have a poor internet connection.
I’m okay not being able to change the card, but I do think it would be good to see which card is selected. Even if its just by the picture of the card that you see when logged into the app.

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I don’t know if you’re using iOS or Android. On iOS, there’s a widget from the Curve app, which you can add to your Home Screen. It shows the currently selected card and usually has the last status even if you’re offline.

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What does Curve app show then when offline or no internet? Does it even allow you to log in? Not been in “offline” situation yet, but it might happen sometime in some far away country.

On iOS you get an error state but afterwards you have the cards list and you can see which is selected.

Android don’t appear to have that widget. But I don’t really like widgets, I think it would just be nice to have the card image on the screen where you enter your pin/fingerprint.