Seeking Hungarian and German Moderators

I’m Hungarian and would like to know more about the moderator role. Thanks okay

Hello Team,

I’m Hungarian as well so may I can help also.


I’m a Hungarian Man.
Please send any information about Modearator job opportunity.
Thank you!


I would like to apply for Hungarian moderator.

Hello @Oliver_HU, @kiss.szabi, @liquivent, @Tom2,

Please read this post for more information :slight_smile:

@Mattia Thank you for this swift reply. I read your short description already, but it tells me fairly little about what Curve Community is exactly awaits from the applicants.
I would be glad if you could explain a little bit more in detail.

  • How much time are we expected to spend with moderation (daily/weekly)?
  • Is my guess right that this is pure (unpaid) community work?

Thank you.

There is no time, the important thing is that you connect a few hours a day and check the section dedicated to you. Then if you want to help in other sections, you can do it.

It’s not a paid job and you don’t work for Curve it’s just volunteering. :slight_smile:

So basically we are asked to volunteer helping the Curve Community a few hours per day without any benefits. Great opportunity…

@Oliver_HU - You don’t have to spend a lot of time online. You can simply put the section in “Watching” so every time they write, you receive a notification :slight_smile: and if you have time, reply by helping or simply by raising curiosities that they ask.

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@Mattia, thanks for your reply and the free work you do for the community. I rather do not sacrifice my free time for a startup that does not even offer me a “premium” card…

@Akismet @Mattia: So you want people from different nationalities here but you are censoring posts?

@Oliver_HU - is a just forum setting. It has nothing to do with the language you write in.

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@Mattia :rofl: Well I work a quite a bit on social network platforms and I used to call this censorship… But you know what, Curve_Marie could have done a better job by describing clearly what you are asking/looking for…

Sometimes it can happen that Akismet starts. This does not mean that we censor on purpose.

@Oliver_HU - It had been proposed in the past as an idea. As you can see the categories also work :thinking:

From the message, it is clear. I don’t understand why you want benefits… If you don’t want to do it, nobody forces you :slight_smile:

Good night :zzz:

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How can I create the Hungarian subcategory?

When the moderator is chosen, Marie will create the category.

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Dear @Curve_Marie,
Can you advise if there is a need for Russian/Ukrainian (might little French/Polish) staff?
Thank you,

Hello @Andrew_Sky,

Not at the moment. We’ll make a new announcement when the time comes :smiley: