Seeking Hungarian and German Moderators

Seeking Hungarian and German Moderators

We’re expanding the Country Moderator Team so more people can get help in their native language :smile: :world_map:

Send me a DM if you’re want to join in as a moderator! Please note that showing your interest will mean a having a chat with us, it’s not a guarantee to join the moderator team.

Current team and sub-categories

We’ll make an update early next week on who’s joining the team :blush:


Hi,I’m Hungarian and would like to know more about the moderator role. Thanks,Ulakov

Hi @Curve_Marie

I’m a German native based in Austria and would like to know more about this role. What does it involve exactly? Please PM me :slight_smile:

Liebe Grüße,


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Hi! Not Marie here, but maybe I can help :smile:

Generally moderators of a community take care of other members and make sure that our Code of Conduct is respected. You also have an access to more Discourse features. More info here: Discourse Moderation Guide

Country moderators in Curve Community take care of their respective country sub-categories in the Help category. We discuss in our native languages and try to solve local issues with using Curve. You will also be able to manage your own group of users.


I’m Hungarian and would like to know more about the moderator role. Thanks okay

Hello Team,

I’m Hungarian as well so may I can help also.


I’m a Hungarian Man.
Please send any information about Modearator job opportunity.
Thank you!


I would like to apply for Hungarian moderator.

Hello @Oliver_HU, @kiss.szabi, @liquivent, @Tom2,

Please read this post for more information :slight_smile:

@Mattia Thank you for this swift reply. I read your short description already, but it tells me fairly little about what Curve Community is exactly awaits from the applicants.
I would be glad if you could explain a little bit more in detail.

  • How much time are we expected to spend with moderation (daily/weekly)?
  • Is my guess right that this is pure (unpaid) community work?

Thank you.

There is no time, the important thing is that you connect a few hours a day and check the section dedicated to you. Then if you want to help in other sections, you can do it.

It’s not a paid job and you don’t work for Curve it’s just volunteering. :slight_smile:

So basically we are asked to volunteer helping the Curve Community a few hours per day without any benefits. Great opportunity…

@Oliver_HU - You don’t have to spend a lot of time online. You can simply put the section in “Watching” so every time they write, you receive a notification :slight_smile: and if you have time, reply by helping or simply by raising curiosities that they ask.

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@Mattia, thanks for your reply and the free work you do for the community. I rather do not sacrifice my free time for a startup that does not even offer me a “premium” card…

@Akismet @Mattia: So you want people from different nationalities here but you are censoring posts?

@Oliver_HU - is a just forum setting. It has nothing to do with the language you write in.

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@Mattia :rofl: Well I work a quite a bit on social network platforms and I used to call this censorship… But you know what, Curve_Marie could have done a better job by describing clearly what you are asking/looking for…

Sometimes it can happen that Akismet starts. This does not mean that we censor on purpose.

@Oliver_HU - It had been proposed in the past as an idea. As you can see the categories also work :thinking:

From the message, it is clear. I don’t understand why you want benefits… If you don’t want to do it, nobody forces you :slight_smile:

Good night :zzz:

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How can I create the Hungarian subcategory?