Selecting default card for Garmin Pay payments?


I’ve just joined Curve so I can use my Garmin watch for payments (my bank does not support Garmin Pay), and added 3 cards from my bank.

How do I select one of these cards to use in Garmin Pay when making a purchase ?

If I launch Garmin Pay on the watch, it just shows me the Curve card (so I am not sure which card will be charged for the purchase).


By selecting the underlying card in the Curve app on your phone.

There is no possibility to select a default underlying card to use when paying with Curve through Garmin pay. When paying with your Curve card through your Garmin pay it will use the underlying card that is selected/active in the Curve app at the time of your payment.


Is this the card that is currently at the top of the screen in the Curve app (eg which doesn’t have “Tap to select and pay” option) ?

Not 100% sure what you mean with this. If you mean the card that is in your screen when you open the Curve app, that is correct.

Yes, the active underlying card does not have this option since it’s already active. And your currently active underlying card has the Curve logo displayed over it!

Another possibility to check the currently active underlying card. By pressing the cards symbol in the upper right corner in the wallet screen you will get a list of all your underlying cards. Your currently active underlying card has a :white_check_mark: behind it.


So can I assume that the last card which was active in Curve app will be the card which is charged using Garmin Pay when using the Venu 2 smartwatch ?

I don’t know the answer to this, but remember you can always change card after payment if the desired card was not active at time of payment

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That’s correct.

And as @o99 is saying if the wrong underlying card was selected at the time you made the payment you can use the GBiT function to put it on the correct card.