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My Curve card keeps failing to pay my self assessment online. Are others successfully paying online? If not what method are you using to pay HMRC using your curve card?

So I tried at the weekend and it failed twice, and tried twice again today and failed again. I have only added £2100 to my amex wallet. But each time the HMRC payment is declined it adds back into my wallet. Tomorrow I suspect I will have £10k in my wallet.

This is the message I receive when trying to use my curve card to pay def assessment. I didn’t think it needed 3DS for this.

Haha that’s a nice little earner :joy:

It worked fine for me, even from my Amex wallet.

Did you select Mastercard Debit (£0 charge) and not business credit card (or similar)?

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Yeah I selected MasterCard debit. I have emailed curve to make sure there isn’t an error in the way my address is on their system. We will see.

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I managed to do this on a Virgin card

Me too works with virgin Atlantic card

As long as i know, HMRC does not taking credit cards payment anymore, few of them are working yes, but its not used to be.

This has worked fine for me
I had one declined but realised I had exceeded my spending limits for that day
Curve let’s you top up Amex MORE than your spending limit

It doesn’t count as spend before it’s treated as a transaction. Bookkeeping works with the same principle with the term assets (your wallet) and cost (spend).

I don’t quite understand, are you saying that information is sent back to HMRC re the underlying card? I had thought the MCC changes meant info went to the underlying credit card company re the transaction details, I hadn’t realised that information (apart from accept/decline) went in the opposite direction. There aren’t any Amex debit cards (only credit or charge) but I thought when Amex wallet was topped up in Curve it would only appear as a debit card?

Agree, although another important reason to have both Amex fee-free top-up limits and Curve overall limits both easily accessible in-app, with ideally some kind of information re upcoming spend availability over the next few weeks (to save the user having to scroll back through years of transactions to work out when they’ll be able to spend again!)

I was wrong and updated my reply. Just had chat with our Head of Finance - HMRC will see the transaction as a debit transaction and the MCC shows that the transaction is for taxes, so it should work.

Ah great, thanks for clarifying! :smiley:

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Did you manage to make it work in the end?

Yes all sorted. There was an error the first time I tried. And that blocked my card. A lot of messages to and from the curve team and it was sorted last weekend.

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Glad to read it was sorted out in the end :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and a supoprt ticket open :frowning:

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