Self-service support tool for Curve users

There have been an increasing number of posts in the Community stating that Curve users have been waiting for weeks and months for a reply from Support. Also, Curve team has confirmed in the Community that there has been a huge influx of cases, which is why the Turn Around Time (TAT) has been high.

Considering this, how about providing a self-service tool for Curve users for the most common problems? This will reduce the influx of support cases and will also lead to better customer experience.

Authentication to the self-service tool can be based on the same magic link + a 2nd factor, if needed.

Aren’t you just describing the app - ie asking for more functions in app? What would the point of building a separate support platform?

What functionality do you think is missing most? Request a new card might be possible - but having tried this recently I can tell you the trivial requests are getting actioned sensibly.

Pay my refund / chargeback - how would that work ‘self-service’ ?

If there was a big button somewhere that said ‘revert to Wirecard’, someone would have pressed it by now.


  1. You can see it as additional features to the app if you want. However, the challenge to build that is - it needs to be built for 2 platforms (Android and iOS) and multiple form-factors, which makes it a tedious process -> building a web application is easier.

  2. Some situations that we’ve seen are:

“Where is my refund?” - what if the portal showed “No refund from merchant yet” => “Waiting for processing refund” => “Refund processed to underlying card”, etc.

“My card is not working” - what if the portal showed “Verification pending - request verification link” or “Card declined due to hitting limits” or “Curve card is locked” or whatever else the reason might be.

  1. If you think Curve Support has the power to press a button to “revert to Wirecard”, you might be mistaken. :slight_smile: Unless the Engineering team has built a functionality to switch Payment processors by referring to an external logic (for e.g. a configuration file), it will not happen.

I’m merely saying that the current FAQ page is very limited and it seems like the load on Curve Support is increasing. How about improving the support experience by understanding what are the most commonly requested problems from Curve users and consider a mechanism for the users to self-diagnose and solve these issues.

I agree that not all problems can be self-diagnosed, but self-service could be the “1st level support” which can be escalated to the 2nd level (support engineers) and further to 3rd level (engineers) when the problems are complex.

EDIT: Keeping in mind that not all Curve users are in the community, our community has also been helping Curve users quite a lot, and it could be some form of support which does not involve accessing Curve user data.

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I absolutely take your point that more information is good. But I think in-app would be better even if its ultimately just displaying web content in-app, UX is important - especially where you have frustrated users! Having 2 systems would likely burden support further.

However - if Curve won’t updated a ticket, is it really likely they’d do the necessary thing to inform you by some other medium? Assuming the person processing a chargeback simply had to click a button ‘response received from retailer’ to communicate that to the user, it could go by ticket (and thus email) trivially, without the need to build a whole web app to let the user log in and check this for themselves.

The point I was making re: Wirecard is that if they had the chance to go back they would have by now. As they’ve publicly admitted - Curve is all a messy hack, and they’re making it up as they go along. I’m sure the Wirecard bridge is burned at this point.

I think we at least agree that Curve need to do something significant to deal with problems faster, and keep users better informed?