Sell adverts in app

Maybe a good idea to add more revenue. As an investor I don’t mind seeing advertisements in-app to see the company becomes more profitable.

Personally I wouldn’t be a fan of that at all. I don’t see adverts from 3rd parties as having any place in my banking app.


I am also not a fan! But if Curve would decide to implement it, their subscription customers should at least have an option to turn it off.

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So random ads?
Or personalize because they sell my data?


I think it’s not a great idea, Curve earns the same. Just look at the monthly fee for the Curve Black and Curve Metal. I don’t think the basic user wants invasive advertising in the app.


I was thinking more like the Amazon offer type, the one every time when you unlock the Amazon device ( so in this case the app) an ad pops up. So once inside the app the same minimalist design can be maintained. I don’t know how much money will there be, but maybe a way to increase revenue stream from blue users, or an extra reason for them to upgrade if it’s only show to blue members?

Re/ random ads? I am not too sure what they can program or is it legal to sell ads based on our purchasing history with them, but I don’t want to explore the legal issues here, even a movie trailer or credit cards adverts? That will be something they will decide if this get enough votes?

I’m easy about Curve sending ad information in-app, so long as (and here’s the crucial bit) I can toggle it off. :grinning:

I think you’ll find Blue users would be more likely to stop using Curve as a result of adverts rather than upgrade.

As for the Amazon ads on Kindle devices - you get something in return (cheaper hardware) and they are easy to turn off if desired.


Definitely on the same page.


The only ads I see are in the real world. I’ll pay to remove ads in services I regularly use and use ad blockers otherwise. Services that already make money from me in any other way and still have ads I simply won’t use so, no thanks


In-app ads within a financial app, such as Curve, are extremely risky. At an elementary level, it would allow ad platforms to track customer activity across the web, e.g. matching site visits with purchases made using Curve. Worse still, ads are a vector for script injection or malware that could put all your personal and financial data at risk. There is a reason official banking apps and TTP apps do not serve up ads (banners for own-products are a marketing tool and not strictly ads). In fact, in-app ads might lead to problems with the FCA.

I’m all in favour of Team Curve endorsing worthwhile third-party services but this should be via the website or blog, etc., anywhere but the app.


If I see any adverts not for the bank in any banking app, I will drop it like a hot potato. A banking app is NOT the place for adverts. On a side note, as a security professional, I’m pretty sure in less than a day I could build a convincing advert that looked like part of the app, and have people click it leading them wherever I wanted. Probably starting with a please confirm your pin page. Ads in banking apps are a stupid idea and anyone who sees it differently needs their head sorted.


Hadn’t thought of the risks posed. Food for thought… or perhaps evidence that says “Let’s just not”?

Thanks @Cybergeek

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Ads in a banking app? Probably the worst idea ever…

This is the first time I see a person actually asking for ads.

What about a third-party marketplace though?

@Gee Are there ads that don’t come with those risks? There must be some right? Ads not necessarily to be those click bait things right? Such as a banne (someone pay curve to type a text message in the app) or something only show before entering the app/ account, that is vetted?
@TMB I think if it’s something that won’t affect the main function and security of the platform/ OS, and if its beneficial to the company bottom line then maybe they can try?

uhm… you like reiterating that you are an “investor” and therefore you are deeply concerned about the profitability of the company, don’t you? So here you are with a great idea of displaying ads which will certainly skyrocket Curve’s profit!

Well there are couple major problems with this, but let me mention the two most obvious:

  1. People hate ads and there is no human being (except you) who is asking for them. It would be significantly harder to recruit new customers as people would be very concerned about a financial service provider who desperate enough to display ads therefore make 1c profit per opening the app.

  2. the curve app is simply not opened often enough to generate a visible income. I have 5-6 cards registered under curve (I’m pretty sure that is above the average) and yet there are weeks when I dont open the app. Thats true for my friends using curve. Ads are for apps getting opened frequently and on the screen for longer periods.

IMHO that would make the Curve app highly unprofessional and - I’m not a tech genius - probably very unsecure.
After all you don’t see any ads on the Barclaycard app, the Starling app, the BOS app etc etc. It would make the app look badly written and the company cowboy-ish. And I certainly don’t expect ads to appear when I am already paying a fee every month.
Also ads popping up in a financial app that has access to my bank and credit card details would make me VERY nervous.
Curve should concentrate on making the whole idea better and beneficial to its users, especially improvement in CS. Maybe acceptance of foreign cards?

P.S.: My Curve transaction was declined (again) despite using/trying two different funding cards. And I have no Curve CS to talk to to find out the reason of such rejections. THIS IS WHAT I MEANT BY IMPROVING ON ITS CS!!!

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I’ve been a Paid Media specialist for a decade; using first party data and bought third party data aggregated from app ad networks for years to sell products to people who don’t get how their data is used. So here goes, let’s lift the vail…

Adding the Curve app to an app network will indeed increase ”some” revenue. The trade off is (beyond UX) is the level of consumer data you’re willing to share (or able to control from data leakage). You’ll receive marginal funds in the form impressions (ads shown) if you don’t allow full targeting capabilities on the network (geo location, app usage, demographics, interests, purchase behaviour, etc).
However, having been an marketing director, and wanting/needing to to see results (sales on my site from the ad) I want to make sure my expensive media plan is targeting the “right” people. To do so I need to know your customers 1st party data (demographics, interests, purchase behaviour, etc). otherwise I’ll pay only pennies for high risk untargeted impressions.

That all depends on who your partner with and your level of understanding of what’s being shared.

The days of “spray and pray” display marketing are over. Marketeers are driven by finance directors that want tangible results investing X in app ads to make Y levels of revenue/profit. We use open market places with customer segments to avoid showing ads to users who aren’t in our target groups so we don’t waste budget.

I mean, you could go down the route of just selling your first party data and serve no impressions at all.

A bit like Experian credit check app, geez even Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. They don’t develop these nice apps and websites to make your life better. They make them to make money for their shareholders.

The marketing adage goes “if it’s free then you are not the customer. If you are not the customer you are the product” (or at least your data is)

But sure update your terms and we’d be none the wiser (who reads T&C changes and decides to close account? - a tiny few maybe).

Ethically I think it dubious.

As an investor, it concerns me at hell of a lot. If Curve does use ads it needs a cold hard look at its business model because it’s not washing its face. Having to resort to monetising it’s app and customer data as a revenue stream is pretty desperate times.
It goes as far as flashes red alert bells for me.

Businesses devalue their brand through hosting ads. You only need to look at when companies hit tough times like Tesco, eBay, etc when they’ve been in financial difficulties they sold off its customers with ad placements. Curve is supposed to be growing. Instead I see a company stalling and the consideration of display ads further indicates this.

If you’ve not to got in house talent to create a sufficient acquisition and retentions programme to drive loyalty then it’s time to look a bit further and have a digital audit (McKinsey, Bain, Ebiquity etc): I’d expect them to tell you to focus on partnering with an experienced CRM strategist (Capgemini, Proximity, Planning Ink, etc).

I’m giving this information freely so I don’t see my investment p!ssed up the wall.

I just find this; along with the other recent changes very disturbing.


Nowhere is said that Curve is considering this. This is just an idea put up here in the community by a Curve user.
And since the idea has only one vote Curve will for sure not consider it because of the big number of votes from their community.

So no need to get disturbed over this.

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