Selling my curve shares

Hi all,

I’m selling 174 curve shares for 7 pounds each.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Kind regards

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Hello @Lucaavd,

im linking you a post made by our Community Manager @Curve_Joel

As Curve is a private company, the shares held by investors are not readily tradable by shareholders, except in exceptional circumstances (such as an exit event), and in any case subject to the restrictions set out in our Articles of Association. An exit event could be an acquisition, merger, initial public offering (IPO), or any other action that allows shareholders in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares.

We are laser-focused on our growth plans which we believe will drive value creation for our shareholders. While exit is not an event we are contemplating today, we are aware of the investment horizon of our shareholders and will consider listing or exiting the business when it is ready for public markets or another form of exit. We have not set timing for a potential exit and we are focusing all our efforts on executing on our growth plans.

Should there be any material developments, we will be in touch directly with our shareholders.