Sending money just got got a whole lot easier: Introducing Curve Send!

We’re absolutely buzzing to unbox the latest game-changer on Curve – Curve Send!

You can now send money from any of your cards, to anyone in your contacts, with just a few taps on the Curve app. Whether they have Curve or not. Whether they’re in London or Lisbon. Curve Send is international, fast, and free, taking the fuss (and the fees!) out of sending and receiving money, once and for all.

With the rise of challenger banks, and so many different options available to you, sending money can be unnecessarily complicated. Many of us use different banking apps to send money to different friends. Curve Send solves all this by providing a seamless, unified experience to send money in more than 25 different currencies. Just select your currency and send with Curve without any currency conversion fees.

With Curve Send you can:

Want to send money from your Monzo card in London to your mum in Ireland? With Curve Send, it’s as easy as sending a text. No topping up any wallet. No entering account numbers or sort codes. No unnecessary fees. Just a quick, painless transfer.

Curious? Give it a try and see just how easy it is!


Not to put a dampener (really like this function).

But I’ve tried two test payments of £1 via a “credit” card (this might be the issue so let me know if so)

And it comes up with following error (please also clarify it won’t now use both my test payments as can see on activity as pending)

I imagine the problem is that you’re using a Credit Card?

I was just going to ask, if you fund CurveSend via a Credit Card, if the Credit Card provider will see it as a cash advance - i.e. super high fees and possibly interests charged.

It makes sense to assume that your Credit Card provider blocked your “cash” transaction.


If so, it would assist users if the error message were more informative.


Agreed, I did expect this in some ways (wishful thinking).

However, as per Graham’s comment, it should have an error messaging suggesting/explaining more as I think curve itself blocked it, as didn’t even go as far as processing.

Has anyone trialled it with a debit card for proving this point? / I will later on.

I tried both with Curve Cash credit, sent to my wife, and with a debit card, from my wife to myself.
Works both ways.

So it’s either your bank(*) or the Credit Card thing.

(*) among my cards, I have a debit card in EUR from a russian bank, which I attached to Curve.
On even days, transactions get refused with “wrong CVV” - while on odd days they go through!

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So what are the actual fees? Competitors charge 1.3% for transfers in the same currency. What about Curve?

Tried with debit, works

According to this it’s free! Which would be something competitive for curve if the case on all foreign currencies.

Only with European Economic Area according to the Q&As!

Surely not all competitors.

It would love to do some more testing, but before I do that can any of our community members confirm that in order to be able to receive the money one does not have to be a Curve customer and one does not have to become a customer/install the Curve app.

I’ve just had a read through the documents on the Curve website, and it says you can send money to someone that doesn’t have curve pre-installed. See here.

They can either choose to join curve, OR…

“accept the money directly to their bank card without joining Curve - for this they will just need to provide their phone number and card details on the Curve website provided on the payment link provided.”

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Having a chance to read through things, I think curve send is great!

The one question I did have though was that if I send money from my UK bank card to somewhere abroad, where does it get the exchange rate from? So if I were for argument’s sake, going to send £100 to someone, I’d be charged £100 but how much would that person receive? I hope that makes sense!

Can I send cash from my credit card to my debit card ? And thus in to my bank account? So I can spend ? Or is this just transfers to friends / family?

If you see my post further up, it declined when I tried to just a credit card for curve send.

I have been able to use a Credit card for Curve Send.

Oo, let me try again

Okay update Sainburys didn’t work, but my Halifax credit did.

It probably would be better if you would send the money in the currency of the receiver. In that way you would get the Curve fx rates (which are quite good most of the time).

No you cannot send money to yourself at the moment.

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